By Amy Elisa Keith
Updated January 21, 2008 12:00 PM


Oct. 18, 2007

4 lbs. 7 oz.

4 lbs. 9 oz.

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, 41, didn’t wait long to introduce her twins to the fashion world. “Mike said, ‘I can’t believe you took them to Barneys!'” she recalls of her sons’ first outing. “So he took them to Home Depot to balance it out.”

Husband Mike Nilon, 40, a talent agent, should expect nothing less from his style-loving actress wife of six years. The two—along with Oliver, 16, her son from her first marriage—say they’re closer than ever after their five-year struggle to conceive, during which they endured three miscarriages and two rounds of in vitro. “It’s hard in every single way: emotionally, physically,” says Beauvais-Nilon. “Luckily we grew stronger as a couple.” In October the actress, best known for her role on NYPD Blue, gave birth to two healthy, wavy-haired boys after having a C-section at 34 weeks. After gaining 50 lbs. (she’s since lost all but 10), “I was more than happy to have them out early.”

Now, Jax “is just like me, loud,” she says. “Jaid is more like Mike, laid back.” And she’s amazed at the designer gifts friends have been showering on the boys. “They have cashmere sweaters, Uggs, Hermès shoes,” she says. “You should see their closet—they have more clothes than me!”