January 14, 1985 12:00 PM

The fleshy fellows above aren’t outcasts from a diet farm. They’re the Fat Boys, and they’re big in the world of rap music. At 800-plus pounds for the trio, they’re big anywhere.

Last year the boys—from left, Damon (Kool Rock-Ski) Wimbley, 18, Darren (the Human Beat Box) Robinson, 17, and Mark (Prince Markie Dee) Morales, 16—were touring Europe as the Disco 3 and displaying their particular brand of rap, sort of doggerel with a dance beat. At one hotel their manager was asked to fork over $350 for extra breakfasts the boys had chowed down during a brief stay. Less than thrilled, he suggested the trio spice up their lagging careers by writing about something they knew—eating.

They did. Fat Boys, a single released last April, sold 190,000 copies and prompted the group’s change of name. Jailhouse Rap, a follow-up ditty about food binges, and the group’s six-week-old Fat Boys LP have both cracked Billboard’s “black” Top 20. Soon the beefy Brooklynites will be seen in a movie, Cry of the City. The threesome plans to stay together just as long as the beat goes on. After that, Morales and Robinson will continue their musical careers, but Wimbley hopes to become a chef.

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