By Francis Palmer
May 10, 2004 12:00 PM

Dr. Francis Palmer, founder of the Beverly Hills International Center for Aesthetic Surgery and codirector of facial plastic surgery at USC School of Medicine, has devised the following point system to determine true beauty. A woman who scores a perfect 100 percent out of 100 possible points represents the ideal.

• 75% cheeks: The ideal shape is broad, rounded and low. To do a self-analysis, draw an imaginary line from the pupil of your eye down toward your jaw. Draw a second line from the nostrils across your cheeks. The bottom of the cheekbone should fall at or below the intersection of these lines. If it is higher, your face may appear flat and masculine.

• 10% eyes/eyebrows: The upper and lower lids should not have bulges, fine lines, wrinkles or excess skin that make the face look tired. The eyebrow should have a nice arch and be one pinkie-width above the rim of the eye socket.

• 7% lips: They should be pouty, with the upper lip three-fourths the size of the lower lip.

• 2% jaw, chin and neck: An even jawline, an unobtrusive chin that counterbalances the lips and nose, and a swanlike neck are the ideal.

• 2% sleek nose

• 2% clear skin

• 2% general harmony of features

[Reality Show Queen]

AMBER BRKICH (Survivor) 97%

“Her cheeks are fantastic, and she got an extra point for an absolutely electrifying smile.”

MELANA SCANTLIN (Average Joe) 95%

“Melana gained points for the color of her eyes,” says Dr. Palmer. “They are captivating.”

AMY HENRY (The Apprentice) 97%

Citing Amy’s “great cheeks and lips,” Dr. Palmer isn’t surprised by her post-Apprentice popularity. “We naturally want to align ourselves to attractive people.”

JEN SCHEFFT (The Bachelor) 94%

Nice, open upper eyelids and a soft, youthful cheek curvature won Jen a good grade.

KATRINA CAMPINS (The Apprentice) 94%

Her “wonderful if eyebrow position” and long neck secured a top spot for Katrina.


Her well-proportioned lips and exquisitely arched eyebrows earned Helene a high score.

ERIN BRODIE (For Love or Money) 91%

“You look and see pretty cheeks, eyes and lips and go, ‘Wow. That’s a nice-looking woman.’ ”

[Unconventional Beauties]

These nontraditional knockouts provide proof that the most memorable faces don’t fit any formula


Often compared to Audrey Hepburn, whom she portrayed, she has “a relatively flat, elongated face.”


Critics have hailed her “heart-shaped face, which oozes energy and intelligence.” However, Dr. Palmer subtracted points for her chin.


She was named after a goddess and is often likened to one but lost points for a “triangular-shaped face.”


Credited with changing the face of modeling, Wek scored low because of her barely-there eyebrows and small eyes.


The flashy heiress has been called “strikingly beautiful,” but Dr. Palmer says her eyes are too narrow for her face.