November 03, 2008 12:00 PM

Courteney Cox Arquette

What’s her secret to staying forever young? “Sleep!” jokes Cox, who celebrated her directorial debut at Suave’s Glamour Reel Moments Premieres on Oct. 14 in L.A. In her waking hours, Cox is “religious” about using Kinerase skin-care products (she’s a spokeswoman for the brand) and “I do a lot of cardio, which is good for everything,” she says. “She wants to be a fit, healthy mom,” says trainer Michelle Lovitt, who works out with Cox five times a week. “Her little body is rocking!”


Simply put: “She’s hot,” says hairstylist Adir Abergel of the star, who turns 46 on Nov. 11. “Her energy is so youthful.” It helps to have what Abergel calls “unbelievable hair,” which he glossed up for the Glamour event with a coat of shine spray. (The key: “letting it sprinkle down” instead of applying directly to the roots.) A draped Malandrino dress helped create a finished look that was “insane!” Abergel says. Moore—who often signs up for the ballet-inspired workout at the Gym on Nemo—is “a beautiful woman.”

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