By People Staff
November 08, 1976 12:00 PM

It was Wonder Woman squaring off against Hot Lips Houlihan. Kotter vs. Kojak. The competition wasn’t in the ratings but in the water and on the athletic fields of Pepperdine University in Malibu, Calif. For $360,000 in prize money (put up by a TV production company, Trans World International), 30 stars from ABC, CBS and NBC competed in tennis, golf, swimming, running, cycling, etc. The contest will be telecast Nov. 13 on ABC. The ABC team won, rolling by with a last-minute sweep of volleyball and the tug-of-war. The winning team split $180,000; the two losing teams shared the remaining $180,000. ABC’s wide mouth of sports, commentator Howard Cosell, drew the jeers of fans when he poked fun at the physiques and athletic credentials of some contestants. At one point spectators, noting that Co-sell was near the pool, chanted, “Throw him in!” When ABC colleagues poured victory champagne over his toupee and jacket, Cosell blew up. “My costume is ruined,” he fumed. “This is ridiculous.”