June 25, 2012 12:00 PM

3 Weeks After!

Candice Crawford, 25

Just 19 days after giving birth to son Hawkins, the ex-beauty queen hit the White House Correspondents’ Dinner with husband Tony Romo.

1 Month After!

Selma Blair, 39

“I’m relying on clothes to mask what is happening to my body!” the Pilates-practicing actress joked to reporters soon after son Arthur’s arrival.

2 Months After!

Jennifer Garner, 40

Though she indulged her cravings for Doritos and Krispy Kremes while pregnant with son Samuel, Garner enlisted trainer Valerie Waters to help her bounce back.

3 Months After!

Nia Long, 41

“Dreading this 3 mile run but gotta do it!” tweeted the actress, who also totes son Kez along to “Mommy and Me” yoga.

4 Months After!

Victoria Beckham, 38

After daughter Harper’s birth, “I ate superhealthy and worked out seven days a week. I wanted to burn my leggings!”

5 Months After!

Jane Krakowski, 43

The spin-class enthusiast got trim with “good old-fashioned hard work!” after son Bennett was born.

6 Months After!

Maya Rudolph, 39

The mom of three (including Jack, 11 months) has joked that after childbirth, “my boobs go to another planet.”

7 Months After!

January Jones, 34

Though nursing son Xander whittled her waistline, she admits, “I haven’t done a workout regime yet.”

8 Months After!

Mariah Carey, 42

The Jenny Craig spokes-woman dropped 30 lbs. after having twins.

9 Months After!

Ivanka Trump, 30

Though “self-conscious” about shooting The Celebrity Apprentice after daughter Arabella’s arrival, she owes her fine form to “my metabolism.”

10 Months After!

Natalie Portman, 31

One secret to her slim silhouette? Meat-free meals. The longtime vegan added eggs and dairy to her diet while pregnant.

11 Months After!

Alicia Silverstone, 35

The actress and vegan cookbook author, who famously bird-fed son Bear, does cleanses and grows her own veggies.

12 Months After!

Marion Cotillard, 36

Having a child (son Marcel) “redefines your priorities,” Cotillard told The Hollywood Reporter. She returned to Dior-worthy shape despite “not sleeping, working, taking care of a kid.”

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