10 Royal Look-Alike Moments That Will Blow Your Mind
From Queen Elizabeth to Princess Charlotte, these royals are mirror images of their relatives
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Prince Philip and Prince Harry
Prince Harry had everyone seeing double on his recent royal tour. As Chris Jackson, a royal photographer for Getty Images, pointed out on Instagram, Harry looked uncannily similar to an image of his grandfather Prince Philip — who had the same rugged red beard — on the cover of a 1957 issue of Paris Match.
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Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Charlotte
Prince William and Kate Middleton’s daughter is emerging as the Queen’s mini-me thanks to their matching blue eyes and light brown hair. Princess Charlotte also purses her lips just like her great-grandmother — and even shares her love of animals.
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Princess Diana and Princess Charlotte
Fans have also pointed out how much Charlotte looks like her late grandmother, Princess Diana, especially around the eyes.
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Prince William and Prince George
With his round cheeks and mop of blonde hair, Prince George doesn’t need royal hand-me-downs to look just like his dad — but the clothes do make the royal resemblance even more adorable. George wore almost the exact same outfit to his little sister’s christening that William wore after his brother was born.
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Prince Charles and Prince William
This 1976 photo of Prince Charles might as well be a snapshot of his elder son at the same age. William, who also sported a beard in his late 20s, looks even more like his father when they’ve both got facial hair.
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Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II seems to have inherited her looks from her grandmother Queen Mary, who had the same nose and even the same regal tilt to her chin. The late Queen consort lived long enough to witness the first year of her granddaughter’s reign.
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Queen Mother and Princess Eugenie
Prince Andrew and Fergie’s younger daughter is the mirror image of the late, beloved Queen Mum. The newly married Princess Eugenie has her great-great-grandmother’s eyes and nose, set beneath the same strong eyebrows.
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King George VI and Prince Edward
From his nose to the shape of his face, the Queen’s youngest son looks nearly identical to his late grandfather, the Queen’s father, King George VI.
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King Edward VII and Prince Charles
The eldest son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, King Edward VII was Charles’ great-great-grandfather — and he managed to pass down his eyes and nose through the generations.
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Prince Charles and Prince George
George has what William calls a “purposeful” walk, and it runs in the family. When William and Harry watched old family movies in a preview for the documentary Elizabeth at 90 — A Family Tribute, Harry noticed that his young nephew walks just like their father did when he was young.
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