Aaron Parsley
December 13, 2010 11:25 AM

So much for camping!

On Sunday’s episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska, the former Republican vice presidential candidate invited fellow reality star Kate Gosselin into her home and out into the Alaskan wilderness for an overnight camping trip with their kids.

Though the women hit it off at first, bonding over paparazzi woes, Gosselin, who arrived with her eight children in tow, became uncomfortable pretty quickly. Palin did her best to prepare – and frighten – her guest during a bear safety course, which included a segment on shooting guns at a firing range.

“I can’t say I’m a gun advocate,” Gosselin said, “but … if I had to use a gun to save my kids, absolutely [I would].” And she did, firing off a shot for target practice.

When it came time for camping, it was the rain, rather than the bears, that worried the women. Though Palin was determined to have a good time, Gosselin admitted she didn’t understand the appeal of being in the great outdoors where it’s wet and cold.

“Rain or shine, Alaskans still camp,” Palin said with enough enthusiasm for a political rally. “We still find a way to have fun and enjoy every new experience we have out in the great outdoors.”

Gosselin, who immediately expressed interest in a lodge rather than a tent, soon had a mini-meltdown. “This is cruel and unusual punishment,” she said at one point, adding later, “It just kills me that people willingly do this. That is so shocking to me … We are not camping people – I will scream it from mountaintops.”

In the end, Gosselin proved her point and headed home, electing not to spend the night in a tent with the Palin family. “I held it together as long as I could and I am done now,” she said. “We’re going where there’s warmth and dryness.”

Though Palin was disappointed her guest didn’t stay and enjoy the cold and rainy camping trip, she seemed to understand that it’s not for everyone.

“I suppose if she took me to New York City or some red carpet event,” she said, “I’d be the same way, like nah, get me home.”

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