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Will Paula Abdul Stay on Idol?

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After blaming American Idol producers for letting a stalker get close to her, Paula Abdul‘s future on the show is being discussed.

One month after alleged stalker Paula Goodspeed died from an apparent suicide in front of the Idol judge’s Hollywood home, an emotional Abdul slammed the show’s producers, blaming them for letting Goodspeed audition for the show’s fifth season.

During an interview earlier this week with Barbara Walters, Abdul, 46, claimed she warned producers about Goodspeed. “I said, ‘This girl is a stalker of mine. Please do not let her in.’ Everyone knew. I was shaking.”

But producers overrode her concerns, Abdul claimed, because “it’s fun for them to cause me stress.” Asked why she would remain on the show if she had such hard feelings, Abdul said, “Well, I’m under contract.”

But rather than hurting her with her bosses, Abdul’s outburst may have convinced Idol producers to show their angered star some love, says a source close to Abdul.

“With all the heat that has been put on the show and producers for what they did, believe it or not, the ball might be in Paula’s court,” says the source, who confirms that conversations with producers have been ongoing. “She started talking to FOX about her contract a few weeks ago and they’re in the middle of negotiating right now. She’s now planning on going back [after this eighth season]. Expect an announcement fairly soon once they hammer everything out.”

As the eighth season of Idol approaches, Abdul, who is launching her jewelry line on HSN Friday, plans to report for duty.

A rep for Abdul confirms, “She’s going on the show. Absolutely. She’s looking forward to it, she’s doing press to promote it. She’s going to be as big of a part of American Idol as she’s always been. It’s going to be an exciting season.”

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