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Why Bethenny Frankel s Wedding Planner Almost Quit

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Courtesy Shawn Rabideau; Moises De Pena/WireImage

She walked down the aisle and said, “I do,” but Bethenny Frankel‘s wedding didn’t go off without any hitches – and it almost didn’t happen with her wedding planner, Shawn Rabideau.

Recalling their showdown at the hair salon, Rabideau says the reality star was like a “Dementor from Harry Potter. You know, those specters that suck the life out of you?”

All joking aside, “I felt beat down,” he tells PopEater. “For a fleeting, like, half a second, I thought about saying ‘forget it.’ But you know what? I wasn’t giving up and I knew I could do this and I was going to work my butt off and do an amazing job.”

That determination eventually paid off when he scored the Four Seasons Restaurant on just four weeks notice. “I don’t know if it was because I called 20 times a day and literally was begging them,” says Rabideau. “How we got it, I still to this day am not sure how or why they said yes.”

Pulling off her dream wedding also included some other arduous tasks, like making the trek to Frankel’s favorite bakery so he could taste and try to duplicate the red velvet cake she wanted for the big day.

“I have a very good photographic memory and so do my taste buds,” he says, reassuring fans – and the Bravo star – that he really did go to to the bakery, though Frankel was doubtful he went.

And though it probably wasn’t part of his job description, Rabideau was even a good sport about helping Frankel pee in a bucket – while still strapped in her wedding dress – just minutes before the ceremony started.

“This is why I love doing weddings – they are so unpredictable,” he says.

But after all they’ve been through, Frankel and Rabideau aren’t exactly BFFs. “Do we do each other’s hair and nails every night? No, we do not,” he says. “But I think we have a great respect for each other.” –Eunice Oh