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TV Roundup: Ugly Betty Heading to Broadway?

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• First Ugly Betty may be moving to New York, now it may be heading to Broadway? That’s according to Michael Urie, who plays Wilhelmina’s scheming assistant Marc St. James on the ABC hit. Singing, dancing and all that jazz hands–love it!

• It’s called dress to impress the real mobsters: Wannabe tough guys will have a chance to bid on clothing items from James Gandolfini‘s Sopranos wardrobe.

Joss Whedon fans are already hitting the Web to support his new show Dollhouse. The preemptive campaigning–which includes a Facebook page with 1,500 members–has ticked off Whedon’s more low-key fans. All this for a show that hasn’t even aired yet… sure, Whedonites, you guys aren’t fanatics or anything like that.