Photo: Scott Gries/Getty
People Staff
November 29, 2007 12:00 AM

•NBC will launch Lipstick Jungle, the comedy/drama starring Brooke Shields, in February after episodes of ER run out. If episodes of Lipstick Jungle run out due to the on-going writers’ strike, there’s always the yuletide log…

•ABC Family will air a reality show called America’s Prom Queen, where real high school seniors battle it out to be the ultimate prom queen. Like most real-life prom queens, the prize will be peaking in high school.

•Chevy Chase is that nice town in Maryland, but Chevy Chase, the actor, would like to remind us he’s not doing too shabby, either. The former SNL comedian has been rehired as an SNL regular–at scale, no less. And no, your eyes weren’t deceiving you, that was Chase on last Sunday’s Brothers & Sisters.

Photo: Scott Gries/Getty

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