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TV News Roundup: Hannah Lacking in Montana?

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Bob D'amico/Disney

• The Hannah Montana movie, which opens Feb. 1, is already almost completely sold out — except in Montana, ironically enough.

• USA Network’s Nashville Star — an American Idol for the country set — is moving to NBC this summer to be paired with the second season of American Gladiators. Fact: Gladiator’s Wolf was a rodeo clown for 23 years. Can you say crossover potential?

• Mary J. Blige taped another cameo on ABC’s soap One Life to Live on Thursday. In the episodes airing Feb. 15 and Feb. 18, Blige will be a surprise guest at a Sweet 16 party for Lanview’s Starr Manning. That is, before it’s revealed that she’s Starr’s long dead twin sister’s cousin’s mother’s brother’s aunt’s niece twice removed.

• K.I.T.T., the famed talking Trans Am from Knight Rider, will be a Mustang in the movie. Directors say they couldn’t find a Trans Am. “You’re not looking hard enough,” replied New Jersey.

Bob D’amico/Disney