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October 08, 2008 12:00 AM

Up Next: Hot and Sexy After Tuesday’s Results show, the competition’s clear frontrunner Brooke Burke said, “I’m glad we got off easy.” But being atop the leader board and garnering the judges’ highest praise hasn’t changed Burke’s approach to dancing, not with the sultry samba on tap for next week. “I’m ready to move,” Burke boasted, “and this is the sexy one that we’ve been waiting for. It’s time to bust it out. There will be no children incorporated in this dance, there will be no long dresses. It’s going to be hot and sexy.”

Rocco Lives to Dance Another Day: Misty May-Treanor‘s freak injury proved to be a life saver–or perhaps a stay of execution–for Rocco DiSpirito and Karina Smirnoff, who would have gone home last night. “You say to yourself, ‘God, that is going to be so embarrassing, I hope that it’s not us,'” DiSpirito admitted. “But then it was us. And it’s not so bad, because it could be worse: we could be going home.”

What may be tripping up the celeb chef aren’t the dances themselves, but his surprising stage fright. Says DiSpirito: “During dress rehearsal, I think that they’re going to go away, and then we’re about to go on, and that voice says, ‘Dancing the foxtrot!’ That’s when I just about lose it. My legs get weak, and they just won’t move the way that I want them to move.” “I think that we need a hypnotist,” the celeb chef said with a laugh, “Maybe a hypnotist, maybe alcohol, but I’m a sloppy enough dancer as it is.” Dancing‘s Handicaps “I think what hurts the most,” Lance Bass joked after Tuesday’s tense Results show, “is my ego from all the bad remarks from the judges.” But the smile quickly faded as Bass came clean about what was hampering him the most. “It starts with the knees,” he said, “Then it’s my back and my shoulders, because this girl makes me hold my frame forever and my arms go numb.” Even Dancing‘s youngest contestant, Cody Linley, admitted to feeling the strain. “Physically, I’m hurting.” he said with a sigh, “My shoulders, my legs, my neck, especially with all the kicking that the jive had. I think everyone is feeling the physical demands of this show, some more than others.”

And the women haven’t been immune to Dancing‘s special brand of aches and pains. “As of last night,” Burke said with a laugh, “It was my groin that was hurting the most. That little leg lift that we did, partner Derek Hough lifted it up a few extra inches and pulled my thigh muscle up a little too far.” Cloris Leachman, the one dancer that continues to astound, admitted, “My knee is a little tricky” before adding, “but I would have to say that it’s the high heels that hurt the most.”

Pizzazz and All That Jazz: After performing a textbook Viennese waltz during this week’s competition, “We’re going back to our style,” Bass said. “We tried the traditional, and we were expecting a lot more from Len, and he may have liked it, but he still gave us the same score. This week we’ll go back to the majority of the that watch the show, and dance for them, because we think they want to see the pizzazz that we can bring to the dancefloor.”

More from Inside the Ballroom: •Jennifer Hudson knocked out her single without the aid of a pre-tape. Even Derek Hough was suitably impressed. “I don’t want to piss anyone off,” he said, “but it’s nice to see someone sing a live song in that way.”

•During the pre-show, Tom Bergeron gave out the season’s first “30,” as the host clutched three of the judges’ paddles to give the line-dancing audience a solid score of 10, 10, 10. –Reagan Alexander


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