Aurelie Corinthios
April 20, 2017 09:44 AM

You win some, you lose some — and when you’re Tracee Ellis Ross, sometimes you do both at the same time.

During an appearance on Thursday’s Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Black-ish star opened up about what exactly went down during the evening of the 2017 Golden Globe Awards in January after she won the award for best actress in a TV series, comedy or musical — making her the first African-American woman to do so since 1983.

“I won a Golden Globe! It was really exciting,” gushed Ross, 44. “But you know what, Ellen, I won that Golden Globe and then I wanted to change my dress for the afterparties, and I lost that Golden Globe.”


So how exactly did it happen?

“I went into the bathroom in the ballroom, and I couldn’t get in and out of the dress by myself, so my friend who was with me took me out of the dress,” she explained. “We went into the handicapped stall because it had enough room for two of us and laid the dress on the floor.”

At that point, Ross’ friend ran out to go grab the actress’ stylist, while Ross found herself “standing there in a G-string and pasties and no service on my phone.”

“I stood there for 20 minutes, naked, in the bathroom, with no service on my phone, waiting — hoping! — they made it in and could find me,” she recalled. “And then the worst possible thing happened: Someone knocked on the one handicapped stall. I was like: ‘I can’t come out, I am naked!’ ”

Amidst all the commotion, Ross ended up forgetting the trophy in the stall after her friend and stylist finally returned with the new dress.

“You know that feeling when you go to the airport and you’re like: ‘Oh God, I forgot something. Please say it’s not my license,’ ” she said. “And I realized I had left the Golden Globe. I went back in and it had been given to security, and then they couldn’t find it. It was so dramatic.”

But of course, all’s well that ends well.

“I did get it returned — I was sweating profusely,” she confirmed. “I was a winner who had lost.”

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