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Top Model Recap: Tyra Picks the Final 3

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Barrie Hullegie/Pottle Productions/CWTV

Cheers to the four remaining Top Model contestants — McKey, Marjorie, Analeigh and Samantha — for working through the challenges on Wednesday’s episode without the bickering, backstabbing and cat fighting that usually comes at this point in the competition. In the end, Analeigh had the best picture because she experimented with different poses during the avant garde photo shoot. McKey was similarly dynamic. Unfocused, Samantha wasted the first 53 frames of the shoot before nailing her final seven shots and described her turn in front of the Dutch windmill as her worst. But it was Marjorie was sent home. After winning the commercial challenge with an awkward yet honest approach to acting, she reigned in her nerves so much that she stood lifeless before the judges. Here’s what led up to her elimination:

Tyra Mail: A model who knows how to sell makes the most sense.

The contestants headed to a studio where Paulina Porizkova gave them a lesson on how to incorporate their senses into selling things like dried herring (by smelling it), toilet paper (by cuddling it) and a cell phone (by listening to it).

Paulina’s take: McKey was “very model-like,” Marjorie’s emotions were “very accessible,” Analeigh was a “natural actress” and Samantha was “good at showing the happy side of the senses.”

Tyra Mail: Your delivery better be on the mark.

Mark, of course, referred to male model Mark Vanderloo, who’s worked for Calvin Klein, Donna Karan and Versace. The ladies had to kiss him during a commercial audition for Amsterdam Worldwide, a Dutch boutique ad agency.

Despite her awkward kiss, Marjorie won the challenge for being unexpected, refreshing and honest. Her prize: a $10,000 shopping spree at G-Star, which she shared with her best pal Analeigh. After shopping, they met the other girls at the house and called up the hunky guys who paddled them to their go-sees for a little fun and flirting. Things got out of hand, Analeigh said, after Marjorie had too much wine and ended up in the bathtub — fully clothed — with one of the cute Dutch guy, so she sent him home.

Tyra Mail: Tomorrow you’ll be going Dutch but you’re gonna have to give 100%.

The contestants met Jay Manuel in the Dutch countryside in front of an iconic windmill, where they were modeling extreme fashion, hair and makeup in an avant garde shoot. Analeigh nailed the shoot because she tried so many different poses, including a midair shot, which she did in her final frames. Surprise: Marjorie was awkward and lacked presence during the shoot. Samantha’s wooden clogs hurt and she couldn’t seem to work through and remained unfocused until Mr. Jay gave her a talking-to. After wasting 53 frames, she went from “zero to 100” for her final seven frames. McKey was “genius” because “she likes to try different things,” Jay said.

In judging, it came down to Samantha and Marjorie. Tyra Banks an co. found Marjorie, who worked hard to reign in her nerves, to be boring and without personality. She needed to find a balance, they told her. Samantha just didn’t get it, they said. She didn’t look, stand, dress or act like a model and they were disappointed that she wasted so many frames during the shoot.

For being either a ball of nerves or a wet blanket, Marjorie was sent home. “I worked really hard, so of course, I’m disappointed,” she said. “Funny thing is, I’m a libra — you’d think you’d find a balance.” Barrie Hullegie/Pottle Productions/CWTV