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October 02, 2008 12:00 AM

On Wednesday’s ANTM, the contestants did there best in disastrous photo shoots, Marjorie‘s negativity almost got the best of her, Joslyn hit rock bottom and Clark, who was last week’s top model, faded to black.

Apparently, France is to blame for Marjorie’s constant negativity. “It’s just second nature because my parents grew up in France and they focused on the negative,” she said before this weeks challenge, which tested how “clothes” minded the girls could be. With a tool belt filled empty water bottles and binder clips, they each had to make an unflattering outfit look catalog-ready for judge Paulina Porizkova.

Although Samantha “botched” her outfit, Marjorie looked like she was going to throw up. She explained to Paulina how she’s in a rejection zone and not really feeling comfortable. Paulina could relate, but Samantha wasn’t buying it. “I think Marjorie is kind of a baby,” she said. “Welcome to America. This isn’t France anymore.”

The next day, as the girls walked onto the set of their photo shoot, they got spooked when they saw Jay Manuel in what Samantha described as an “Alien vs. Predator costume.” The subject of this week’s photo shoot: natural disasters in ’60s mod outfits, of course!

Just one problem: “I don’t know what a natural disaster looks like,” Marjorie said, and boy did it show. Mr. Jay had to “spoon-feed” her through the poses while she tried to interpret a traffic jam. And yeah, technically a traffic jam isn’t a natural disaster, but as Tyra Banks noted, it is in L.A. With Jay’s help, Marjorie’s photo pleased the judges.

On the other hand, Joslyn struggled. Knowing she needed to go back to what it was she had at the beginning of the competition, Joslyn just couldn’t interpret a rockslide. “She’s had great pictures week-to-week but it just zapped,” judge Nigel Barker said. Clark wasn’t any better. Although she was confident after having the best photo last week, her blackout photo wasn’t another shining moment. Tyra called her “mediocre good.”

Samantha, who was at the bottom last week, was riding high as a beautiful disaster in her “ex-squirt-site” tidal wave photo, an took a top spot. In the bottom two with Clark, Joslyn’s personality got her through, which meant that Clark fell from top model to bottom and was sent home. — Alondra Hernandez

Tell us: Did the right girl go home? What did you think of the natural disaster photo shoots?Brian Edwards/Pottle Productions/THECW

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