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Kathy Ehrich Dowd
March 12, 2014 07:15 AM

Goodbye anonymous singers, hello powerhouse teams.

The Voice concluded the chair-turning blind auditions Tuesday with each coach choosing one final singer to round out their teams of 12 heading into next week’s battle rounds.

The coaches came out fighting, beginning with Kaleigh Glanton, 20, a classically trained guitarist from Kansas who earned the only four-chair turn of the night for her intriguing rendition of “Have You Ever Seen the Rain.”

Shakira affectionately dubbed her sound “quirky,” while Adam Levine admitted her performance “needs work” despite praising her different sound and moments that “were really, really great.” Blake Shelton picked up on frequent frenemy Levine’s critique and attempted to spin it to his advantage in his pitch.

“I’m so tired of hearing Adam tell people they need all this work. You already have a style. I love your style. You just need a spotlight, and I’m the guy that can put a spotlight on you,” he confidently declared.

His speech worked. Glanton chose Shelton, making him the first coach to complete his team.

Later, Usher and Shakira duked it out over Brittnee Camelle, 23, a Georgia nursing student who impressed the pair with her powerful version of “Skyscraper.”

Shakira played the fellow female card while wooing Camelle, explaining she would help her with everything from what to sing to what to wear. But Usher refused to be outmaneuvered.

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“I don’t want to make you over, I want to mentor you,” he countered, then asked what type of artist she wants to become.

“I want to be an inspiration to women. I want to be able to touch people every time I do perform,” Camelle replied.

“I understand that,” Shakira replied.

I overstand that,” Usher declared, prompting Levine to amusingly proclaim that Usher made up a word.

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His passion – and language risks – clearly resonated with Camelle, who chose the Grammy-winning R&B singer as her coach.

Yet Shakira didn’t have to wait long to find her final artist. Lindsay Bruce, 25, a country singer from Santa Rosa, Calif., prompted both Shakira and Levine to press their buttons after her controlled version of “Even If it Breaks Your Heart.” After compelling pitches from both, the young singer chose “girl power,” as Shakira shook her hips in victory.

But Levine looked quite happy to round out his team with energetic Caleb Elder, a 19-year-old donut shop employee from Virginia, who impressed the coaches with his gutsy rendition of “Groove Me.” Plus, he cemented his status as a cool guy to the coaches as he flew off the stage in victory.

The Voice‘s battle rounds kick off Monday (8 p.m. ET) on NBC.

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