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Kiran Hefa
September 24, 2010 01:00 PM

It was a night of revelations on Thursday’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, when Elena learned Katherine’s true origins and Tyler discovered Uncle Mason’s secret.

Curious to see if the Lockwoods could be werewolves, Elena set off with Alaric and Damon on a trip to Duke University to consult birth mom Isobel’s supernatural research. The trio met her assistant Vanessa, who told them werewolves are now rare, thanks to vampires who fear their deadly bites and hunt them down.

After Elena phoned Stefan to warn him about the possible new threat, the threesome set off for Mystic Falls – but not before Damon revealed one last surprise. To get back in Elena’s good graces, he produced a book he had swiped from Isobel’s office containing information about Katherine, who turned out to be European and went by the last name Petrova.

Back at home, Stefan had been busy showing new vampire Caroline the ropes of peaceful living, and even convinced Bonnie to create a day-walking ring for her similar to the ones worn by him and Damon. After a day of training – including how to feed on animals – Stefan decided it was time for Caroline to have some fun, and let her enjoy a day out with Matt.

Stepping away to take Elena’s call, Stefan lost sight of Caroline just long enough for her to wander deeper into the woods with Matt. What began innocently enough ended dangerously, as an aggressive Caroline pushed Matt up against a tree to make-out, but accidentally cut him in the process. Unable to control her hunger at the sight of blood, she lunged for his neck. Stefan found the pair just in time, and quickly threw Caroline off, but not before the group was found by a werewolf.

Racing off to draw the animal away from Matt, Caroline and Stefan ran straight into Tyler. The three were taken by surprise when the wolf pounced on Caroline, but after Tyler yelled at the creature to stop, it seemed to have understood and darted off. Caroline and Stefan retreated, and Tyler chased after the animal, finding instead Mason’s truck parked in the woods with a broken windshield and a pair of his shorts tucked inside. Coming up behind him, Mason confirmed what Tyler had suspected: he was the wolf.

Feeling guilty, Caroline decided it was in Matt’s best interest to break up with him, and so she picked a fight knowing it would end their relationship. Satisfied with her decision, Caroline went to bed knowing she had done the right thing. Unfortunately, she awoke to Katherine waiting in her bedroom.

Tell us: Do you think we’ll see Tyler transform in next week’s episode? What could Katherine want with Caroline?

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