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The Real Housewives of Atlanta: NeNe & Sheree Get the Drama Started

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Those Desperate Housewives of Wisteria Lane thought they’d finally met their match when the even more desperate housewives of Orange County and New York made their TV debuts. But the five Georgia peaches of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta are set to blow all those other biddies away with fiercer fashions, bigger attitudes and — if the drama that unfolded between NeNe and Sheree on Tuesday’s premiere episode is any indication — louder tantrums. Here’s a rundown:

DeShawn: We meet DeShawn and her pro-basketball player husband as they enter their 15,000 square-foot estate for the first time. Ever since she was little, DeShawn knew she was destined to be somebody (or to at least marry “somebody,” as the case may be). But she can’t be expected to manage all that space herself! That’s what her housekeeper, personal chef, governess and nanny are for. But she can’t be expected to talk to the help! That’s what her estate manager is for.

NeNe: With one glance, you can tell this diva loves to cause a scene. Drama already exists between NeNe and Sheree (below), but the fight to look forward to is between NeNe and her entrepreneur husband, Gregg, who took it upon himself to keep her diet in check at a dinner with friends. No one stands between NeNe and her mashed potatoes.

Kim: At first sight, this divorced mom of two stands out as the only white girl of the bunch. However, Kim will be the first to tell you she’s actually a “black woman trapped in a white woman’s body.” But one thing she won’t confess is the identity of “Big Poppa” (a.k.a. the mystery man who gave her permission to write a $68,000 check for a brand new, fully-loaded Escalade). The only clue she offers is that he’s a celebrity and a multimillionaire. Could it be Donald Trump?

Lisa: This busy bee owns a realty company, designs clothes, paints, creates jewelry, loves to work out and has a bowling alley in her house. Work is her life, and she describes herself as super hyper. Lisa‘s a mother to a nine-month-old baby — and she’s probably the only woman in the world who will tell you that having a newborn is re-energizing. Even her linebacker husband can’t keep up with her!

Sheree: Like any good struggling socialite divorc e, Sheree‘s determined to maintain the exact same lifestyle, “if not better,” once her divorce is finalized. Her entourage comes complete with a personal assistant named Evette Holyfield. Yes, she’s heavyweight boxer Evander‘s daughter. Why does a famous professional boxer’s daughter have to work as a socialite’s assistant, you ask. A more important question is how has she not been fired already?

The evening’s drama came courtesy of NeNe and Sheree, who were already at odds after Sheree talked trash about NeNe behind her back. But the feuding former pals decided to put their issues aside so NeNe could help Sheree celebrate her birthday. As the guest list for the party passes 100 though, NeNe’s name is somehow left off. She shows up, “eyes poppin’, lips bustin'” at Sheree’s with partner-in-crime Kim, but is turned away at the door. No Louis Vuitton birthday cake for her.

Sheree eventually apologizes (via her publicist, naturally), but the damage is done. NeNe is too busy throwing a tantrum in the driveway to even consider entering the party. So, as Kim and NeNe stand outside the velvet ropes, the rest of the housewives are left to party with the birthday girl, sipping cocktails and living the high-society Atlanta life. — Chris Willard

Tell us: Which housewife is your favorite? How do the women of Atlanta compare to the The Real Housewives of Orange County and the The Real Housewives of New York?Bravo