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The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Lisa & DeShawn Get Busy

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Virginia Sherwood/NBC

While Lisa put her family to work on her successful jewelry line, The Real Housewives of Atlanta got their party on again this week in an attempt to raise funds for DeShawn‘s foundation for little girls. And while Sheree and NeNe have sparred in the past, NeNe has now turned her frustrations on BFF Kim, who was spending more and more time with Sheree. Can’t everyone just get along?

Bouncing Off the Walls: Lisa once again tested the limits of her boundless energy by putting her friends and family to work on her new jewelry line. And her husband, Ed Hartwell, was only too happy to pitch in. At least until he got distracted and put on a video of himself — all 6’1″ of himself — strutting down a runway in a Speedo, and even offering the audience a quick view of his bare derriere. “I think Lisa was kind of proud,” he said. “You could see a twinkle in her eye.”

Once the jewelry work was complete, Lisa hosted a networking event showcasing her pieces for major buyers and distributors. It was a huge success — Steven Zalemark of Zalemark, Inc. (whose clients include Badgley Mishcka’s jewelry line) showed an interest in her designs, leading to a sexy photo shoot, where the workaholic’s husband and publicity team (because she’s the only housewife who actually needs a publicty team) cheered her on from the sidelines.

Going Once, Going Twice: All the hurried planning from last week’s episode finally came to fruition this week as DeShawn put the final touches on the charity fundraiser for her foundation. But DeShawn didn’t care about the timing. She just wanted to see it happen, even if taking the time to carefully plan the event might have meant raising more funds. As it turned out, the rushed event was poorly executed: invites were distributed for free at local businesses (instead of charging a high ticket price to raise money) and there was no coat-check at the door — “What am I supposed to do with my fur, hang it over a chair?” Sheree demanded. (Or just leave it at home. It was the middle of summer — in Atlanta — after all). And worst of all, the predictions of NeNe’s gay boyfriend, celebrity stylist Dwight Eubanks, who warned about handing out invites to any old Joe Six-Pack on the street, came true: “They gonna come and eat all your food and drink all your liquor and leave and a pay for nothing.”

And that they did. Despite several big ticket items up for auction — including dates with NFL stars Ira Newble and Willie Whitehead — partygoers were too busy chatting among themselves, eating DeShawn’s food and drinking her liquor, to bid on any of the items. But Kim, in a Dolce & Gabbana gown and $1.5 million worth of diamonds, made sure she did her part, laying down Big Poppa‘s credit card for a $14,800 pink diamond bracelet.

DeShawn was upset when the auction bombed. “I felt like a failure,” she said. “I really failed the girls.” The fundraiser didn’t even break even, but her husband, Eric Snow, stood by her. “You didn’t reach the goal you set, but you still did something to help somebody,” he said. “That’s what it’s all about.”

Taking Sides: The battle between Sheree and NeNe became more intense than ever when NeNe finally forced Kim to choose a side. While the busty blond wanted everyone to get along, her plans were consistently foiled. When Kim and Cori (wearing sunglasses indoors, naturally) invited Sheree and NeNe to brunch, Sheree didn’t show because she was “sick,” prompting Kim to leave her friends to pick up Sheree’s medicine at the pharmacy. This didn’t sit well for NeNe, who decided Kim was a backstabber who no longer deserved her friendship.

Tensions were heightened even more when NeNe refused to show up at the spa later for Kim’s girls’ day, just because Sheree was there. “My feelings are really hurt that NeNe didn’t come today,” Kim said. “Because now you’re making me make a choice between you and Sheree. So let the better person show. And they did.” And while the move may have been a bit immature, at least NeNe was honest, instead of feigning illness to avoid her rival.

Later, when Kim and Sheree excitedly greeted each other at DeShawn’s fundraiser, NeNe looked on in disgust. “Kim and Sheree are so ridiculous,” she said. “Seriously, grow up!” Hey, NeNe, it might be time to take your own advice. –Chris Willard

Tell us: Is NeNe acting immature? Does Lisa try to do too much? Should DeShawn hold another fundraiser?Virginia Sherwood/NBC