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The Strain Recap: Which Survivors Are Wreaking Havoc in NYC?

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Michael Gibson/FX

In the second episode of The Strain, FX’s Outbreak-meets-vampires drama from Guillermo del Toro, Dr. Ephraim Goodweather fears the living and is vexed by the dead who emerge from a downed plane at JFK.

One of the infected plane‘s passengers is a young French girl (and the unofficial poster girl for the drama). Though she and many of the other passengers are supposed to be in the morgue, she inexplicably ends up at her dad’s house, bloodshot eyes and all.

Her grateful father alerts Goodweather, or “Eph” as he’s called, but the surprise family reunion is short-lived. By episode’s end, the girl gives her dad an unforgettable tongue lashing that leaves him bleeding to death in her bath water.

The plane’s few survivors pose an equal threat to whomever they encounter. Only the plane’s pilot seems interested in investigating what’s responsible for the ringing in his ears and the ache in his head – a pack of worms under his skin that is only detectable with a UV light.

Elsewhere in the Big Apple, the sickly and very wealthy Eldritch Palmer from the first episode seeks out The Master – the giant-cloaked demon that rocks sharp claws and apparently possesses the power to grant immortality. This isn’t a joyful meet-and-greet; Palmer falls to his knees in utter fear. At least he doesn’t lose his head.

A new Russian character named Vasiliy Fet begins his campaign to eradicate the city of varmints – and injects some much-needed levity. He barges into a NYC restaurant, but finds only a rat, and leaves behind more questions than answers about what ties he may have to the outbreak or The Master.

Meanwhile, a very sad and sober Eph, who has been booted off the case after violently objecting to the early release of the infected survivors, attends an AA meeting to deal with the sight of his son with his ex-wife’s new beau. At least he seems to have the potential of romance with his partner Nora, whom he kisses before running off to see his son.

The Strain airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on FX.

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