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The Hills Recap: The Hawaiian Hookup

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Things heated up on The Hills and not just because this week’s episode took place in Hawaii.

Paradise Found: Lauren, Audrina, Stephanie and Lo crashed the bromantic weekend in Hawaii. Brody seemed upset, but all was forgiven at the mention of shots. The whole group hit the beach, which gave Aud the perfect opportunity to peep Brody hanging 10. Steph caught her and talk turned to Justin Bobby. Audrina classified it as a “hate-love relationship” and promised Steph she was no longer waiting for him to come around. Brody took notice of Aud’s “most revealing one-piece” (not that we ever got a full-body shot so we could judge for ourselves) before Steph started a very leading dialogue that allowed Aud and Brody to clarify that she was single and willing to hook up. Before dinner, instigator Steph prodded some more and suggested Aud hook up with Brody to get JB back and make him jealous. Alo-Hoe: The flirting continued at dinner, with Frankie teasing them about getting a room. Aud admitted out loud that she had long crushed on Brody. (If the thought hadn’t crossed his mind yet, it certainly did at that moment. Hello, bedroom eyes!) The longing looks and playful banter continued late into the evening and his friends wondered how he could resist the dangling red apple hanging in front of him.He assured them that Aud and he were just friends and that he was thinking about his girlfriend. Of course, that didn’t stop him from following her to her room. He rambled, “I don’t want it to be awkward. You are sweet and a good friend, and if we decide one night late with nobody around, feelings are feelings.” Aud didn’t emerge until morning.

Walk of Shame: When Aud did arise, she made no apologies for sleeping at Brody’s. Steph wondered if she had just started a war with Jade (his PDA-prone girlfriend), and Aud’s response was that she was welcome to bring it. Doug called Brody out after he’d seen Aud leaving his room. Brody was honest: “I messed up. I cheated.” He was also fairly nonchalant and flip considering his secret would eventually be televised and he had no intention of calling his girlfriend to come clean.

What Would Colby Do: Heidi warned Spencer over the self-help table at Barnes & Noble that Christian Colby was coming to town. Spencer wasn’t pleased but agreed to do dinner at XIV based on the assumption that her ex was a virgin and therefore had not bedded his girl. Spencer derived immense enjoyment from learning about Colby and his girlfriend’s chaste ways (no alcohol, no porn, no sex, separate hotel rooms). Spencer invited him to go boxing (“I know you have some aggression to get out,” he said). It was just an excuse to quiz him about his abstinence. Spencer said in his infinite wisdom: “If I was a virgin, I would be a mixed martial arts fighter or in Delta Force. I would die. You’re like hanging out with an alien.” The extraterrestrial bonding continued at that night’s Bible study although Spencer texted during it. Heidi thought Spencer might have learned something from her former flame’s ethics, which could in theory translate to being nicer and getting along with her family. “If I acted like him for a week, you’d be bored and cheating on me by Friday,” he quipped, before adding, “The new me has a bunch of Colby traits. I like that Leave It to Beaver vibe.” An exasperated Heidi requested the check as he’d obviously missed her point. –Carrie Bell

Tell us: Are Brody and Aud equally guilty for cheating? Can you believe Heidi went from dating Colby to Spencer?

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