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The Hills Recap: LC Gets in the Middle of Holly-Heidi’s Sister Drama

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Lauren got a surprising new roommate. Heidi got her job back. Audrina got a present and some quality time with a maturing Justin-Bobby. And Lo, Whit, Holly and Aud’s sister all got enough face time on this week’s episode of The Hills. But the girls also got a life lesson: sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for.

New Roomie: Holly started crashing at LC’s pad after being kicked out of Speidi’s place. Whit warned her: “The longer she stays there, the more the two of them are gonna resent you.” But LC, being our altruistic hero, replied: “My only concern is how they’re going to treat her but seeing as they didn’t leave her with much of an option.”

Stephanie ran into LC at school at the computer stations and LC quickly shocked her with her house guest news. The She-Pratt agreed with Whit that it would probably cause issues. “I think Heidi will be hurt and sad,” she said, trying to seem interested in the conversation when what she seemed to really want to do was immediately break the news to her brother and his fiance. LC remained aloof: “To be honest, I don’t care what Heidi thinks.” Holly filled Lo and LC in on what happened with Speidi over drinks in the kitchen. She called him a hypocrite for getting Heidi to kick him out and exaggerated about how often she cooked and cleaned. Lo excused her from Cinderella duty at their pad: “We don’t have rules here. You don’t have to clean.” (At that moment, LC got the “What you talking ‘bout Willis?” look.) She continued: “Heidi has been my best friend our whole lives. I can’t believe she put me in this position. I don’t think she is thinking about me. I’m furious.” Sure, Heidi encouraged Holly to come out and offered her place until she got on her feet, but it is us or did Holly never appeared to be searching for a job? Holly blamed Heidi as much as Spencer, but LC stuck up for her ex-friend: “He drives away everyone that cares about her.”

Beachy Keen: Justin-Bobby and Audrina were walking on the Venice Beach Promenade talking about going to Mexico again to make up for the Cabo disaster. Justin was laying his love for his hood on thick (“There’s something zenful about it. The sunsets are nice, too,” he said) and hinting that she come round to his side of town more often. “I don’t like to leave here if you’ve noticed. That’s why I think when I get to your place and I’m kind of … ” (If only we had a dollar for every unfinished JB thought!). Later, while hanging out at Winston’s with LC, Aud explained how JB was done with the Hollywood scene and partying every night. “I’m letting him call the shots. You can’t force things to happen.” LC seemed annoyed that Aud is still “playing the game,” her face suggesting she pitied her pathetic pal. “Justin will always be your No. 1.”

She was not alone at the pity party. After Aud told her sister that he’d been there enough to have a toothbrush upstairs and that they were discussing a vacation, Aud’s sister took a few swipes at her constant inflating of his good deeds. “He still does the whole ‘I’m going to disappear for a week and not return your phone calls or texts and you’re not going to know where I am or what I’m doing.’ What is that?” You expect to be convenient. When it’s good for him, he’s all about it.” Aud’s defense? “What can I say? I love him.”

But just when we’ve thrown in the towel on the merry-go-round that is JB and Aud’s relationship, the dude goes and does something nice. While at dinner, he surprised her with a present. He went back and bought a shirt she’d seen in a store. “I can be good when I want to. You know you’re loved. It’s all about growing up, living and learning.” And then he ruined the moment. “No bras with that thing. OK? Thank you.”

Not Just a Booty Call: Whitney confessed that she had kept in contact with The Serenader (Jay), her hook-up while she and Lauren were in N.Y.C. for work, and hoped she’d be able to visit again soon. (Can you smell a character on her upcoming spin-off series?). LC admitted she was jealous of her “so cute fairy tale.”

Trouble In Speidi-Dise: Jobless Heidi tried to keep herself occupied by cleaning out her closet, which was not Spencer’s idea of a good time. He suggested they go to the movies, she refused and they started bickering over who was responsible for her firing. She lodged the first attack: “I don’t think I’d be fired if it weren’t for you.” He retorted: “I don’t remember making you drink that night. You don’t take responsibility at all.” She said: “I take responsibility for inviting you and for having a drink and I shouldn’t have done that, but you should take responsibility for saying whatever to Sam to get me fired. That’s not the only you screwed up for me. I pretty much lost my sister. I don’t even know where she is. She doesn’t call me or talk to me.” It’s totally understandable that Spencer wasn’t shaken up over the departure of the free loader, but it’s fair for Heidi to expect him to put on a more sympathetic face when she discusses her sibling strife.

Heidi met with Sam about getting her job. She tried to apologize profusely but Sam did most of the talking and cut to the chase, outlining the details of her last chance. We got the sense that he really means it this time and not even Brent could save her again. “You do good work. You seem like a smart girl. I wanna put you at our new hotel on a trail basis. I want to get you out of the clubs. I’m not going to take this meeting ever again. It’s up to you to prove yourself. Keep that guy away. If he comes on property, I’ll kick him out. Don’t let us down this time.”

Spencer was fixing Heidi a nice dinner of take-out Thai to celebrate the fact that she’ll no longer “be moping around the house.” Cue eye roll. Enter the She-Pratt who creatively ratted out Holly and then slowly pushed Heidi’s buttons by reminding her that neither her sister or her mom had told her about the new living arrangements. Cue huff. Spencer barked from the kitchen, “Your mom orchestrated the whole thing. Sounds like something stalker mom would do. Holly’s worse than Stephanie. It just shows that everything I’ve said about Holly is completely true and LC gets her karma by having the mooch of the century crashing at her pad.” Cue evil eye because Heidi finally had enough and she yelled back. “This is my sister. Am I never going to talk to her again? You don’t care. You are so insensitive. You’re an a–. Maybe you’re the problem.” If only we could have cued the light suddenly busting through the clouds. –Carrie Bell

Tell us: Is Justin-Bobby actually becoming a better boyfriend or is this just his latest act? Did Heidi deserve to get her job back? Should LC have gotten in the middle of the Holly-Speidi family drama?

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