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The Hills Recap: Heidi’s Peace Offering to LC

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The Hills are alive with the sound of music industry peons screwing up first dates, ex friends making more attempts to clear the air and nosy sisters butting into business they shouldn’t.

Pedal to the Meddle: Holly stepped up her efforts to fix what is broken between Heidi and LC. She had Heidi tearing up at lunch when she laid it on thick about the good old days. She said that LC admitted to missing Heidi (which we never saw) and suggested she write her a letter. When Heidi surmised that LC wouldn’t read it, Holly doled out more of her lame fortune-cookie advice that didn’t really address the topic at hand. “When it comes to your friendship, she knows who you are. She knows your heart.” She worked the other end of the equation when she hit S Bar with Lo and Lauren. She claimed Heidi was feeling nostalgic for the good old days 24/7 and how the mess had even pulled them apart a little, but Lauren wouldn’t budge. “It’s water under the bridge. Things happened. It changed situations. It’s done.” In what we’re sure was another attempt to undermine her other relationships, Lo kept mentioning how much Holly reminds her of Heidi. Baby Wrote Me a Letter: Heidi made good on her threat to put pen to paper. LC took it to work and let Whitney read it aloud. The highlights: “I am so sorry for every hurtful or negative comment I have ever said. I will always cherish our memories. Thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me. I really wish things hadn’t turned out this way but I take responsibility.” Whit thought it sounded genuine and lonely, but LC was irked that she still wouldn’t blame Spencer. Holly inquired about the mail when she went to LC’s pad for takeout and LC wondered if Heidi has good friends. When Holly only mentioned herself, LC turned sad but again held firm. “I forgave her a long time ago but it is not about her. It is about the person she’s always with. I cannot be civil to him after what he did to me.” Later, she discussed Holly’s meddling with Audrina. “I love Holly and I want to be friends with her, but she’s always going to have Heidi on her mind.” She also got nostalgic for that other time when Heidi “was a really good friend to me” and dared to dream. “Where do you think we’d all be if Heidi never met Spencer? One person coming into someone’s life can change everything.”

Secrets & Lies: Holly tried to have another “she said, she said” conversation with Heidi on the couch at her apartment and insinuated that LC had confessed to a big part of her being sad that they can’t be friends. But she’s making it that way. If she said, let’s move on. Let’s be friends. I would be ok to do whatever. Maybe we’re one step closer.” Spencer immerged from another room peeved. “Why are we discussing her?” Holly ratted out Heidi and Heidi explained, “I just wrote a letter saying, ‘I’m sorry.’ I wish you the best.” Spencer was steamed, “Since Holly moved in you start keeping secrets from me?” When Holly butted in with “It’s not her fault if she feels like she can’t talk to you,” Spencer shooshed her and she spat back. “He’s the reason why you and Lauren can’t be friends again. She said it straight up. It won’t happen as long as you and Spencer are together.” Spencer looked pretty proud of himself and his power to divide and conquer. “I’ll take credit for that. I think it’s great that you guys aren’t friends. It’s a win-win.” Holly got in one last jab: “There’s still a chance and since it doesn’t involve you, it sounds like a great option.”

Justin Time: Audrina was excited about Colin, a guy she’d seen around for a year but never thought of him in that way, asking her out on a date and she talked a good game to Chiara: “I don’t have a ring on my finger.” But within the first 10 minutes of dinner at Magnolia, she broke the cardinal rule of first dates by mentioning her ex and comparing his drunk style with Justin-Bobby’s (feisty and mean, of course). Colin assured her he was a happy drunk who “likes everyone and gets a bigger smile.” Then he complimented her eyes and slipped in a request to go out again the next night. She agreed and it seemed like maybe the slacker’s spell over her was broken. But no such luck as she immediately started discussing JB again. He had called after she got home from their date and they talked until the wee hours of morning. She remarked, “You probably don’t want to hear about it.” (Ya think?) Then she did her justification dance. “We’re not boyfriend girlfriend, but I’ve just known him for so long. It’s the only thing holding me back.” She later discussed it with LC, coming to the conclusion, “Until I find a guy where I completely forget about Justin, Justin is going to be in the picture. One day I’ll be over that guy.” LC advised her to tell him she’s been dating before someone else does and she took her advice at Libertine. After JB pleaded with her about tattooing her butt should he get a gun, she confessed to the dates. JB got defensive and reacted in his typical fashion with misguided and slightly mean-spirited humor. “Did he pull your chair out? You got a winner dude. Nice gets you far. He went so far he’s not here,” he said laughing hard at his own jokes. She spat back that he was dating too to which he replied, “Can I do that? Will that make you mad? Have you put a lot of thought into this? There are ways to go about things maturely and maybe immaturely sometimes.” What the … ? He rarely makes sense. Maybe it’d help if we were fluent in moron. –Carrie Bell

Tell us: Do you think Audrina will ever get over Justin-Bobby completely? Will Heidi ever acknowledge Spencer’s fault in the undoing of her relationship with LC? How should LC handle Holly always getting up in her Speidi business?