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People Staff
April 01, 2008 12:00 AM

After an hour-long trip to Paris last week, MTV treated Hills fans to two episodes of drama Monday. In the first half hour, Whitney “sold her soul” to go work at fashion PR company People’s Revolution, Heidi back-tracked a bit after asking Spencer to move out but then told his sister Stephanie she didn’t want him to date other , and Lauren confronted Brody at Les Deux — he wanted a hug and she just asked him about his alleged “girlfriend.” They had words and he stormed out.

In the second episode, Lauren discovered that she has computer class with Stephanie, who made the effort to be friendly and Lauren took the bait. Despite warnings from pals Audrina and Lo, Lauren says she actually likes Pratt! Is Stephanie really sweet (she lets her bro Spencer crash at her place, helps Heidi paint and apologizes to Lauren) or does she just want camera time? Either way, it looks like she’s here to stay on The Hills.

(Also, since when does Heidi read books like Empires of the Sand?)

Tell us: What did you think of Monday’s Hills episodes?

Bill Davila/Startraksphoto;Zavar Manokian/BuzzFoto

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