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December 02, 2008 12:00 AM

Last week’s cheating rumors — and the Audrina-Lauren blowout that followed — gave everyone something to talk about on Monday’s episode of The Hills. And just like last week, all that discussion led to another public meeting complete with tears. — Carrie Bell

Team Lauren: Lauren, once again putting clothes away (There must be a constant stream of fashion flowing into this house as LC almost always holds her heart-to-hearts during folding and hanging sessions.), was still reeling from Audrina’s distrust and she solicited advice from Lo. “She cared more about him than you. If somebody questions you in that way, you will always know that they don’t trust you completely,” Lo said. LC admitted that she wouldn’t be able to forgive Aud until she was actually sorry for accusing her of sleeping with Justin Bobby.

Brody was on the same page. “That’s not the kind of person you want in your life. You shouldn’t have any dislike toward Audrina,” he said sitting by the pool. “Just go about your life and leave that are constant drama to do their own thing.”

Whitney played devil’s advocate when LC told her that Aud requested a meeting. “Maybe she has something different to say,” Whitney said. “You guys have been through so much that if she’s reaching out to you this hard, she must really need someone to talk to.”

Team Audrina: Aud unloaded the gory details about her Winston’s “screamfest” on Chiara. “I would start talking. She would yell over me and then I’d try to yell over her,” she said. “It just escalated so I just sat back and let her say what she wanted.”

Aud revealed that she was now pretty sure that LC didn’t touch her man. “I feel better, but at the same time, I don’t because it cost my friendship with Lauren,” she admitted. “I want all this to disappear and be gone and it all go back to how it was.”

She then moved on to dissecting the situation with her sister Casey. Justin still hadn’t talked to her. “He’s very good at manipulating and turning it back on me,” she told Casey. “This is the worst of all everything that we’ve been through because it involves Lauren. Random girls don’t matter. Lauren is someone that I know and care about.” Casey suggested that she apologize. “She’s not going to forgive you for being the victim until you apologize to her,” she told her sister.

Bond Girls: LC gave in and heard Aud out at Bond Street, but held her ground. “You’re accusing me of things that are crazy, so out of character,” she said. “Some crazy person told you a crazy story. After I told you it wasn’t true, you still believed it. I have watched you over the last two years repeatedly go back to Justin and trust him with your feelings and your heart. And you couldn’t give me the benefit of the doubt on something crazy? I would never want you to be sad.”

Aud gave LC the apology she was looking and tears to boot. “I feel like an idiot that I didn’t trust you. I’m sorry on my end for what I’ve caused you and what you went through. I feel like if Justin wasn’t in my life, I’d be happier,” she admitted. “I’ve been so torn up inside and lost. Inside, I’ve lost who I am. I’ve learned to become my own best friend and not trust and that’s not healthy.”

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