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The Cast of House Share Tongue-Twister Tips

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Photo: Art Streiber/FOX

While we wait impatiently for tonight’s episode to see which of the new potential team members of Gregory House will getting booted off the island… er, out of the program … we caught up recently with the cast regulars at a benefit for the genetic disorder Spinal Muscular Atrophy (which was the highlighted “disease of the week” on the Oct. 9 episode of the hit medical drama). We asked them the tough question: How they’ve mastered the complicated medical jargon for the show every week. Here’s what they had to say:

Jesse Spencer (Dr. Chase): “Say it over and over and over again. Break it up into smaller and smaller words, like you do when you’re watching Sesame Street. Jennifer Morrison (Dr. Cameron): “I have a Mac and I go into Garage Band and I record myself saying the words, and then you can loop it over and over again, and then you burn it onto a CD so I can listen to it in the car on the way to work. I can listen to all my medical words over and over again. They’re a little bit more familiar that way, and it’s easier.

Robert Sean Leonard (Dr. Wilson): “I just worked on a documentary on the whaling industry and I had to memorize about seven pages of Moby Dick, and I thought ‘How can I memorize seven pages of Moby Dick?’ And two days later I had it. I’ve never been able to explain why I’m able to do that. I don’t think actors know how that happens.”

Lisa Edelstein (Dr. Cuddy): “I think it’s one of those skills that you have to gain by practice. I used to play piano when I was kid and I think that helps in terms of memorization skills … Every once in a while I write it in my file, if it’s really a tongue-twister.

Photo: Art Streiber/FOX