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The Biggest Loser's Jesse Starts His Own Walking Group

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Jesse Wornum was not going to back down quietly and get himself eliminated from The Biggest Loser on purpose.

While the rest of his teammates were content with letting one of the “parents” go home, Wornum says he was “dead set” against throwing the weigh-in in order to save the younger members of his team, including his son Arthur.

“I [wasn’t] going to tell them, ‘I’m going to fall on the sword,’ when in fact I may not do that,” Wornum said in a recent conference call with reporters. “If I felt like I needed to be there more than the younger person at risk, then I would not [have been okay with going home].”

In the end, his teammate Denise intentionally gained weight and was sent home when she fell below the Red Line. Moments later, Wornum was also eliminated after an almost unanimous vote by his teammates.

“My biggest fear was that I would finish just above the Red Line and Arthur would finish just below the Red Line,” Wornum, 61, said. “Then he’s going home and they’re sending me home. I could not risk Arthur going home.”

Wornum credits his 66 lbs. weight loss to the time he spent exercising on the Ranch, but also to the mental clarity he achieved while there.

“The amount of time it allowed me to spend and focus on myself was tremendously valuable,” he says. “I now look at the challenges I have as opportunities.”

In addition to working out six days a week, Wornum has also started “Walking With Jesse,” a walking group that exercises together every Saturday morning.

“There are some folks that I’ve really targeted,” said Wornum of his group that continues to grow. “I am looking forward to some great results down the road a year or two with some people.”

Another person that Wornum is hoping will get results is Arthur, who is still on the Ranch and at one time weighed 646 lbs.

“Aurthur and I have had a close relationship all our lives, a relationship that has only been strengthened by our time together since we started this journey,” Wornum says. “We had a relationship built on rock. As a result of The Biggest Loser now we have formed diamonds.”

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