Anya Leon
June 02, 2013 06:00 PM

Since winning the 14th season of Biggest Loser, Danni Allen has been committed to cardio.

“I work out at 6 a.m., 2 in the afternoon or 10 p.m. at night depending on what I have during the day, but all I know is I have to get it in – there are no more excuses,” Allen told PEOPLE at Friday’s Step Up Women’s Network 10th Annual Inspiration Awards in Beverly Hills, Calif.

And as long as the reality star is getting her sweat on in the Golden State, making good on that promise has been a walk in the park as the West Coast seems to tip the scales in Allen’s favor.

“The nutrition has been great – especially in California. There are so many more options than there were in Chicago. I was like ‘Ooh, that was easier to go to!’ It’s been a really great opportunity to find the real life in it,” she says.

But while her body may have undergone a big change – Allen’s winning weight loss left her 121 lbs. lighter – her dramatic transformation has also caused a spike in her self-esteem.

“It’s just been such a great journey and I found a new confidence within myself,” she says. “I’m still the same person, I’m just ready to let her shine a little bit more and hopefully inspire others as well.”

Only two months after her win, it seems as if Allen’s mission to motivate others has already been accomplished.

“My mom is turning 50 in two weeks and she looks better than she ever has in her entire life,” she says. “My sister is out in her first job after college and she’s like, ‘I just did my first run.’ So the whole family is pitching in and they are doing phenomenal.”

Reporting by PATRICK GOMEZ

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