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Ada's Biggest Loser Blog: Lessons Learned and Forging Ahead

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Trae Patton/NBC

I often wonder about The Biggest Loser‘s 12th team too – all the people who tried out for the show and didn’t make it. I can only hope the experience didn’t discourage them to lose weight and change their lives. I expect to see a big physical transformation in Vance and Leann at the finale.

I was surprised to see Courtney lose 2 lbs. but even more surprised to see that Jen lost zero. I definitely see the value in a trainer but who knew it would make that big of a difference on the scale? I’m not sure if I would have forgone the trainer, but I would have probably made the same assumption that I knew enough to do it on my own. In fact, I do remember feeling confident when I left the Ranch. I assumed I would continue to lose big numbers every week, but boy was I wrong! It was ten times harder than I thought it would be so I commend all those who have been inspired to do it on their own and succeed.

It was a hard lesson for Jen to learn but what Courtney said to the White team really summed up the whole theme of the episode. She said, “I made mistakes but I kept pushing through them. One step, one choice at a time. Just keep doing your thing and the weight will come off.” It’s easy to let setbacks derail you, but take a moment to look at the bigger picture. Just the other day, I made a comment to my friend in the gym about struggling through a workout because I had gotten “weaker” – relatively speaking. And she said, “Of course, you have a life now and you’re not training six hours a day anymore. But think of how much you exercised a year ago?” My answer – a big fat ZERO.

The Ranch is set up for success. It is structured so that everyone can lose weight but the real test is at home where you’re bombarded with temptation. The key is to be able to find the balance. But I’m sure many can attest, it’s easier said than done.