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October 08, 2008 12:00 AM

Bob summed up last night’s episode this way: “Week four is about finding what fire is in all of us.”

True, but we’re betting he wasn’t talking about his fellow trainer. Yep, Jillian raged something fierce this week, with the first tantrum spawned during an exclusive workout with the Purple Team.

But first up, the Red Team took the 24-hour trip home they won in the first week’s challenge. One of their boys, who looks about 11 years old, cried when his parents walked through the door. “It makes you realize how quickly life can pass you by if you don’t pay attention,” Amy says when she notes her kids have grown in five weeks. The family takes a hike in the North Carolina woods, and we watch Phil and Amy begin to turn not only their own lives around, but those of their kids. Also in for a treat, or so they thought, was the Purple Team. They thought they’d be going for a mani-pedi with Jillian during their prize day alone with her. Far from it. Instead, Jillian took them straight to a gym. “Suckers,” she tells us evilly. Things get hairy fast, and mom Shellay’s quiet, polite resistance to pushing herself finally gets her in trouble. “I’m so tired of the bullsh–!” Jillian explodes. Her problem? Shellay doesn’t show real emotion. “I’m always strong on the outside,” Shellay responds, but Jillian finally gets her to break down and cry … and ostensibly work harder.

On Their Own: Meanwhile Coleen is adjusting to life as a singleton, with Jillian taking her aside and pledging her support. Coleen’s admits “it sucks” that she sent her dad Jerry home last week, but she promises not to squander the opportunity.

We also get a deeper look into trouble on the Brown Team. Vicky complains to Bob that when she spends extra time in the gym due to injuries … she works out softer but longer — husband Brady “gets flustered and mad. That’s been hard for me our whole marriage.” Then, the bombshell: “I feel like he holds me back.”

When she tells Brady this, he looks stricken and says, “If you think I’m hindering you, that’s fine. Do what you need to do.” He looks annoyed, but Vicky tells us later that “I think he understood.”

Balancing Act: The Brown Team is tested during this challenge, which requires each person to hang onto a trapeze while balancing on another with their feet. The catch: they’re in a water tank with water slowly draining out, leaving them to hold more and more of their own weight. One by one they fall, and since the deck’s not stacked physically … tall, short, big and small all have an equal chance … it comes down to who wants it the most.

Vicky and the Purple Team’s Amy are finalists, and after 105 minutes the ever-supportive Brady says he wishes he could tell Vicky: “You have to win this. Second place doesn’t get anything.” This coming from the man who gave up while his wife hangs in pain.

Both women want the three-day VIP pass to Universal Studios and a care package from home, but Amy finally collapses into the water. Vicky, told she can bestow a care package on another team, chooses Purple because Amy hung in with her until the end.

The challenge afterglow doesn’t last. The next day in the gym, Jillian goes ballistic when she finds her team hasn’t done their “homework” (extra cardio on their own time). “I’ve been nice and you guys are not cutting it… not compared to any season I’ve ever trained!” She continues to berate them while they silently work their cardio machines.

Amy’s kicked out of the gym when she smirks in the face of Jillian’s rage, while Michelle is crying. And with that, it’s over. Until tomorrow night… –Sara Hammel

Tell us what you think: Is Jillian’s team going to do badly at the weigh-in due to their slacking? Was Jillian unfair to be so hard on them? Who will win this week’s weigh-in?


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