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The Best One-Liners From Bethenny Getting Married?

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David Giesbrecht/Bravo

On Thursday’s premiere episode of her new Bravo reality show, Bethenny Getting Married?, Bethenny Frankel‘s plate seemed pretty full – and not just because she ordered a bunch of spicy king crab rolls at a Manhattan sushi spot. On the show, which was filmed earlier this year, Frankel is more than six months pregnant (baby Bryn was born in May), tying the knot to fiancé Jason Hoppy in less than a month (they wed in March) and cranking out her latest book (Naturally Thin is now on sale).

During the episode, Frankel took a trip to a therapist, which ended in waterworks for the reality star known for her biting humor. The tears came when she talked about her childhood – and her late father, with whom she had a rocky relationship. “I just wanted something,” she said on the show. “I wanted him to love me. And that’s definitely affected a lot of my relationships.”

But Bethenny’s Getting Married? wasn’t all sentimental. Frankel offered up plenty the one-liners she’s famous for delivering on The Real Housewives of New York City. Keep reading for the best of the bunch! –Alison Schwartz

“I was on the red carpet and I’m thinking to myself, ‘Something’s always hanging out. Do I have snot in my nose? Is my underwear up my ass? Like what’s hanging?’ You know what I mean? ‘Do I look like a slutty pregnant woman?’ ” –On life in the limelight

“Jason fits perfectly the way that I do, which is not so perfectly. Like both of us would rather be eating potato skins at a mall” –On the couple’s acclimation to fame

“We were like talking dirty to each other with falafels and Indian and Thai – and I want to be friends with him” –On interviewing a potential intern

“Jason was like from the cave era. He just had to urinate all over the office to let everyone know that that’s his territory. Mi casa. Su ‘nasa’ ” –On Jason’s protective reaction to Max, the hunky intern

“I hope Jason really liked that ring because we’ll be eating rice for the next six months” –On the couple’s pricy wedding bands

I was raised in a cave by animals and wolves and at the race track and gambling and drinking when I was seven and going to nightclubs when I was 14. My life was a total circus and Jason s was a poetry reading –On why she needs therapy

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