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Carrie Bell
March 03, 2011 01:30 PM

Two-time Bachelor Brad Womack may have picked one woman he hopes to spend the rest of his life with – but the long wait before he can reveal his choice to the world is taking its toll.

“Every Monday night since Jan. 3 has not been a good night at my house,” Womack told PEOPLE at a taping of the Women Tell All special, set to air on March 7. “I was particularly scared of the overnight, exotic date episode. We will see how she handles it.”

“It’s brutal,” he says of the pre-finale media blitz. “You go on [the show], you find someone, you choose each other and then you hit the pause button. You can’t just start the daily life stuff.”

“I’m excited to move in together and go on real dates,” Womack, 38, says. “My only intention [in doing the show] is to start a future.”

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But he doesn’t, for one minute, doubt his choice.

“Do I think this woman is the one? Damn right I do,” he says. “I probably shouldn’t say this but my heart was in a specific place pretty early on. I’m in love.”

And he’s assured that she’s worth the wait. “There’s strength there and a real relationship,” he says. “She’s tough. We have our ups and downs but we’re fighting through and making it work.”

“I know everyone questioned my intentions about doing this a second time but I know where my mind and heart are,” Womack continues. “I know what I want and who I want it with – her.”

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