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Sean Lowe
January 15, 2013 08:00 AM

Sean Lowe is the star of season 17 of The Bachelor, which airs Mondays on ABC. The hunky Dallas businessman and entrepreneur will be blogging about his romantic journey for PEOPLE.com.

I was so happy heading into the dates this week on The Bachelor. With the first cocktail party and rose ceremony out of the way, it was now time to really have fun and get to know the women much better.

I wanted to pick the perfect person for my first date. Thinking about all the women who made a big impression on me the first night, there were so many that I was eager to spend more time with. Yet one woman in particular stood out above the rest. I enjoyed my time with Sarah at the cocktail party so much and I knew within minutes that she was a sweet, caring person – a quality I always look for in women.

I knew I liked Sarah but I didn’t know enough about her, so I invited her to join me on a pulse-pounding date. And free falling off of a 35-story building is definitely a way to get to know someone. It was one of the biggest rushes I’ve ever experienced and I think Sarah can say the same thing.

I really liked offering support to her during the time leading up to the free fall because I could tell she was nervous and freaking out a bit. It brings me pleasure to be able to comfort the woman I’m with.

As fun as the free fall was, I actually enjoyed the evening with Sarah even more. It was then that she really opened up and showed me her vulnerable side. I could tell that she wasn’t completely comfortable talking about her arm and I’m not sure she was convinced I didn’t care about it. But after spending the evening together while enjoying great conversation, I think she finally understood that I was really there to get to know her and I was enjoying every minute of it.

Ending the night on the top of the building seemed fitting and, after an extraordinary day together, I had no doubt in my mind I wanted to spend more time with her so I offered her the rose. It was easily one of the most romantic endings to a date that I’ve ever had so it only felt right to end the night with a kiss.

My very first date of the Bachelor season was a huge success and that was all because of Sarah. I couldn’t wait to send more time with her!

Group Date Dynamic

Going into the first group date, I was excited to spend time with the women and get to know them better, but I was apprehensive about the dynamic. I always felt like my group dates with Emily were a bit uncomfortable because no one really acted like himself in a group setting and everyone was sharing time with the same person. Our Harlequin date was no different.

It started with the cowboy shoot and things got pretty uncomfortable pretty quickly kissing Lesley M. while the other women looked on. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the kiss, but uncomfortable nonetheless because I knew a ton of eyes were on us.

And it only became more awkward from there. Dressing up in costumes and role-playing was fun, but kissing girls in front of other girls definitely brought a lot of tension.

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I was excited to hang out with the women after the Harlequin shoot because I knew I’d get a lot of individual quality time with them. A few women definitely stood out that night.

I could tell that Tierra was visibly upset and I wanted to know why because she definitely won me over on the first night and I wanted her to be happy. She told me that she was here for me and didn’t want to make friends with the other women.

I didn’t say this, but I was thinking, “This is a long ride. I wouldn’t isolate yourself too much because you might be living with these girls for the next ten weeks.” But her mind seemed to be put at ease and I was happy that she was happy because I really liked her.

Catherine also stood out in a great way. I noticed when she stepped out of the limo the first night that she was beautiful, but it wasn’t until the Harlequin date that I learned how funny she was. She slipped me a note that said she’s vegan but loves the beef, implying that I’m a beefcake. I definitely knew I wanted to spend more time with Catherine.

The woman who stood out more than anyone else that evening was Kacie. When she stepped out of the limo on the first night, I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to view her as anything more than a friend. After talking to her that night at the Harlequin date though, I came to realize that we had real potential as a couple.

Sean Lowe and Desiree Hartsock

The One?

My final date of the week was with Desiree. I was excited for this date because we got along so well the first night and she was so funny. I knew she’d be the perfect person for the prank I had planned. The prank was hilarious and she was such a good sport about everything, but the best part of the date took place at my bachelor pad.

Talking to Dez by the fire was everything I hoped it would be. I was clicking on every level with her and I could feel myself really starting to fall for her. She’s witty, sarcastic, intelligent, loving, caring and our morals seemed to line up. And not to mention, she’s so beautiful! This girl has it all.

We ended the night with a very romantic dip in the hot tub and of course I gave Dez a rose. I left that date thinking that Dez might just be the one for me.

After a great first week of dates, I was eager to get to the cocktail party and see all of the women, especially the ones that I didn’t have the opportunity to take on a date. Walking back into the house a second time, I was still blown away by all the incredible women that were there. It was so humbling to think all of these women were making an effort to be here just to give our relationship a shot.

I had to make some difficult decisions at the rose ceremony. I had a lot of great conversations that night where it just clicked with the woman, so that is what I based my decisions off of. And I was so happy with the group of women that I had at the end of the night and I couldn’t have imagined the first week going any better than it did. I remember just hoping that the next week would be just as good.

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