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The Bachelor's Melissa: I Should Have Walked Away from the Drama

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Craig Sjodin

Melissa Schreiber, a waitress and property manager from Lake Forest, Fla., quit her job, spent money on gowns and boldly cut into someone else’s PSA scene on a group date to steal a kiss from Brad Womack and get noticed on The Bachelor this week. Unfortunately, she got caught up in drama with Rachel that Brad wanted no part of and was sent packing. Melissa, 32, spoke with reporters Thursday and answered questions about Brad’s intentions, the show’s frontrunners and her nemesis.

Do you blame Rachel for your departure?
My conflict with Rachel had a lot to do with it, but I also blame myself for allowing myself to get that emotionally involved with Rachel.

What sparked the fights in the first place?
Rachel had something against me from the moment I got in the house. Not a day went by where she wasn’t verbally attacking me about something. I asked her several times if there was a reason. She always said, “I love you girl. I’m just stressed out. Sorry.” Then she’d do it all over again … I don’t really know what her problem was. I’m still at a loss. I guess I rubbed her the [wrong] way.

Were you surprised both of you were eliminated?
Not at all. If I were Brad, I would have done the same thing. Nobody wants drama especially that early on. I wish I’d had the time to get to know him better because I don’t think he’d have sent me home so early, but I don’t blame him.

Do you regret talking to Brad about Rachel?
My first couple conversations were very good and didn’t involve any drama. I regret being involved in the drama and allowing Brad to see that or be involved … If I were to do it all over again, I would have walked away.

You chatted with Ali Fedotowsky about the fights assuming she’d understand your plight, but she Tweeted the opposite.
I’m not on Twitter. I don’t know if she has a mean streak, but I’m surprised she’d say something like that. She didn’t spend more than two minutes with me. I explained what I had been going through that week and they seemed supportive.

Do you think jumping in to that PSA scene left a bad taste in his mouth?
We were playing parts and I was the cougar. The girls knew I was going to do it. When I came back, they were all laughing. It was done for fun.

Some said Brad tried to cut your date conversation short.
Absolutely not. Our conversation during the 15-on-one date was about 10 minutes. We talked about life, careers and family.

Do you believe Brad has changed since his last Bachelor stint?
I do. What I was able to see was a genuine guy. He seems to have everything together and to know what he is looking for. I personally don’t think he owes it to anyone to explain himself any further. He has gone above and beyond to explain himself and he has earned letting it go and moving forward.

Could you see yourself with Brad?
I liked him. He was very sweet and sincere, but I didn’t get enough time to say whether we’d have been a perfect match.

Who are the frontrunners?
Emily would be my first pick. I don’t think she’s playing a game. She’s a sweetheart. Chantal, the funeral director, is a very genuine person. Ashley H., Jackie and Lindsay H. were there for the right reasons. And I love Madison. She was the one person who stuck up for me and the sweetest person I met in the house. She does take the fangs out and looks beautiful both ways.