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July 01, 2008 12:00 AM

With the sweaty palms-inducing parental introductions and home tours behind them, our final three eligible bachelors kicked off their shoes and hit the sunny shores of Grand Bahama Island with DeAnna. It was time for trademark thrill-filled exotic dates and romance-heavy fantasy suites. But before DeAnna could say, ‘Bon Voyage,’ to paradise and hello to her hometown, she had to cut another husband hopeful loose. Her decision was, in Bachelorette parlance, very dramatic.… -Carrie Bell

Date 1: JeremyDeAnna’s voiceover made it clear that she wanted fun in the sun: “I want to see Jeremy cut loose and have fun. Jeremy does seem to be perfect. It doesn’t hurt that he’s beautiful. I could see myself marrying him.” Mr. Perfect snagged some smooches and hugs before their chariot, err fan boat, arrived to whisk them away to a private island.

Later, Jeremy used dinner to profess his love: “I’m looking at this person I really do care about. I’m looking at this person that I am so afraid to lose and I don’t have her. My head got me halfway through this and my heart has had to lead me through the rest. I would tell that I’m falling in love with you, but it’s already happened.”She responded with an “I’m glad you told me,” then took him up to the fantasy suite for some quality time on the four poster. Jeremy’s testimonial attested to the fact that he’s completely smitten with our Bachelorette: “My heart is about to jump out of my chest. My dream is that I’m down on one knee with a ring proposing to DeAnna.” And from the sound of her voiceover, DeAnna is too. “Things with Jeremy keep getting better and better. I’d be lucky to spend the rest of my life with him. I’m on cloud nine.” Date 2: JasonNext on deck was Jason, who ran over to her like the kid who always gets picked last in P.E. After that embarrassing display and some obligatory Ty references, DeAnna revealed they were going to go off-roading in a Jeep and questioned whether he could drive stick (just question his manhood, why don’t you?) as he slipped her into the passenger seat. The destination? A mangrove swamp that led to a floating dock for a picnic. Jason said, “I feel like a couple. I can see today being like the rest of my life with DeAnna.” They laughed. They fed fish. They tried kayaking (a first for both as evidenced by the multiple near flipovers).

At dinner, Jason told her she looked so good he was “speechless.” She told him she liked seeing his adventurous side and then returned to obligatory Ty talk. Jason actually cut her off and tried to push the conversation toward the two of them calling Ty and DeAnna his “two favorite subjects right now.” A big smile spread across her face because Jason compared her to the boy she knows is No. 1 in his heart. She handed over the fantasy suite card and mid-paragraph he tossed the card aside with a definite “Yeah” and hurriedly pulled DeAnna out of her seat. Things got serious on the balcony with champagne, gifted jewelry, kisses and one love confession by Jason: “Thank you for teaching me I can fall in love again.”

Date 3: JesseAs Jesse didn’t lay one on her until the hometown date, DeAnna admitted she was looking for Jesse to “be like he’s my boyfriend today.” In typical dude-bro style, Jesse ran up in board shorts, went for the hug first and commented, “You always look so hot. You make my heart pound.” His confessional reaffirmed his feelings: “I’ve falling so hard and it’s scary because she could still say, ‘See ya later.’ … I don’t want these other two knuckleheads getting a shot at that.” So Jesse did his best to outdo the other two “knuckleheads”–that meant doing some “rad, romantic” horseback riding, all the while trying to line up their steeds in order to lean over and peck each other. Most of the time the horses didn’t cooperate, but it was the thought… well, you know. DeAnna teased Jesse at lunch for waiting so long to kiss her, but he defended his decision: “I wanted you to meet my family because potentially there could be a big rock on that finger.” DeAnna’s assessment of the afternoon, which also included cuddling next to a bonfire: “Every time I am with him, I care about him more and more. I want to be around him more and more. I would have never expected to like him this much. Today, I was completely giddy.”

Her smile remained until she met him for dinner, but seemed to fade for awhile when he brought up some serious issues about children (both claimed to be on the before 30 plan), where to live and his career plans. But after Jesse came clean about falling for her, she handed him card No. 3. He hesitated after reading, saying, “I don’t know if I can until I meet your dad.” The shock on her face was priceless. “Are you for real?” His face erupted into laughs seconds later and they headed to the room where DeAnna stopped questioning whether he had a romantic side. “If you choose me, I hope you’re ready to marry me because that’s where I’m at.”

The Rose CeremonyDeAnna headed into last night’s rose ceremony a mess. “I am sick to my stomach to know that I’m going to break someone’s heart tonight,” she said. “But I can only do what my heart tells me and go with who I feel strongest for.” There was telling moment when Jeremy smiled at her and she looked away. The first flower went to Jesse, which prompted a dumbfounded look from Jeremy and a beaten-down look from Jason. Another deep exhale and then she called out, wait for it, Jason.

So the front-runner bites the dust for the second week in a row. Jeremy couldn’t even look at her and it seemed like he wasn’t interested in her walking him out either but he obliged when she asked. While rubbing his hand, she explained, “You’re perfect. I’m stupid for sending you home. We share a bond that I don’t share with any of the other guys. When you opened up to me, I was thinking, ‘I was went to be with this person because I have never been able to relate to someone on that level.’ But I didn’t want to confuse that bond with being in love.”

Jeremy’s limo ride was truly painful television. His reaction was so intense that the audience’s collective heart ached. He didn’t know what hit him. He wiped his forehead. He cried. He even made the driver stop the car to pace and lean on a tree for support. “I knew what I was looking for and she had it all. I really did fall in love with her. I don’t want to lose another person that I care about, that I love. I don’t know what I do from here.”

Tell us: Are you shocked DeAnna let Jeremy go? Do you think our Bachelorette has commitment issues?

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