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The Bachelorette Recap: A Night of ‘Magic’

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A stalker? A ghost piano? A virgin cut down in his prime? This may sound like a scary movie, but it’s actually just a short list of the thrills (first make-out session!) and chills (an outdoor shower sans curtain!) that made up the second episode of The Bachelorette, on which Georgia real-estate agent DeAnna Pappas, 26, is making her second attempt to find love on air after being rejected by last fall’s Bachelor Brad Womack. Here, the highlights of the night:

Does DeAnna Believe in Magic?: Hollywood’s Magic Castle hosts group date No. 1. Mulletted martial artist Sean resorted to impressing DeAnna with a gross knuckle-cracking trick. Richard crafted her a paper flower and Virgin Ryan tried to woo her with his chastity. But it’s Crazy Paul who managed to get the immunity rose despite spouting these two lines: “The price of love is there is no price of love” and “After tonight, we all believe in magic.” The Twill Factor: After delivering a long-winded Greek myth monologue at the Castle–and being called out by the Virgin–Twilley camped out in front of DeAnna’s house, concerned she might have gotten the wrong impression of him. It wasn’t quite as Fatal Attraction as previews made it seem… riiight.

Frontrunner No. 1: Graham hit the beach for the first solo date. After harmless kite-flying and splashing in the surf, the talk turns tough. Though Graham admitted he only recently experienced love for the first time (which made DeAnna have a Brad flashback–not good), he redeemed himself during the picnic when he assured her love is “something he is actively looking for.” He scored a second immunity rose and a makeout session with DeAnna.

Watch Out, Here Comes Frontrunner No. 2: Out of left field, Jeremy got six great swings and used his dugout time to bond with DeAnna over the fact that they both lost their parents. Jeremy earned the third immunity rose, a moment broadcast cruelly on the Jumbotron for the other men to see.

A Teary Goodbye: Eric (his obsession with being Greek got as old as the country itself.), Chris (who seemed the most genuinely pissed) and the Virgin (he can’t believe she would let go of a guy voted friendliest person in eighth grade) are sent packing and the power seems to be too much for our Bachelorette. Before she can join the remaining contenders for the obligatory toast, she sniffled, exited the foyer and complained to producers that breaking hearts made her feel “bad.” Before the show’s end, she returned to raise a glass and ended on a more pleasant, albeit grammatically incorrect, note: “I believe one of you are my husband.” Yup, here’s to another roller-coaster season of fun! –Carrie Bell

Craig Sjodin/ABC