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The Bachelor: The Women Tell All – and Slam Juan Pablo Galavis

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Craig Sjodin/ABC

There were some awkward moments when 17 of Juan Pablo Galavis‘s Bachelorettes gathered for Monday night’s “Women Tell All” episode of The Bachelor.

But instead of catfights among the contestants, they teamed up to tear apart the soccer playing single dad. But they believed they had good reason – “viewers were shocked by how he treated some of the women this season,” host Chris Harrison noted at the top of the show.

And as the cameras rolled, they didn’t hold back. While we learned that Renee has moved on, that Sharleen doesn’t regret walking out, and that Kelly, who has a gay dad, was so offended by Galavis’s controversial gay comments that she cried, the biggest surprise was how quickly the women have gotten over their loving feelings towards the Venezuelan hunk. Here are five of their biggest slams.

He ‘wasn’t genuine’
Even though Galavis said throughout the season that he wanted to be honest with the women, some of them weren’t buying it and accused him of being a little shallow. While Danielle complained that “a lot of our conversations were surface level,” Lauren S. said that Galavis gave her the impression that he wasn’t interested in her and the other women. “He didn’t really ask us a lot of questions about ourselves,” she said. “I felt like he wasn’t genuine.”

He used his daughter as an excuse
Galavis, who has a 4-year-old daughter, Camila, said that he didn’t want his little girl to see him kissing 27 women, but then he couldn’t keep his lips off some of the contestants. Kat complained that “all he talks about is being fair, and then he goes and changes every rule he makes.” Added Kelly, “I think he used his daughter as an excuse a lot. Instead of saying the chemistry’s not there, it was ‘Camila, Camila.’ [But] he didn’t say ‘Camila’ when he was in the ocean [with Clare].” Speaking of which

He treated Clare badly
Clare was hurt when Galavis made her feel guilty after their passionate late-night dip in Vietnam and the women believed he was in the wrong. “He shouldn’t have put that on her,” Victoria said. But Sharleen – who said she has a lot of respect for Galavis – came to his defense. “I think he had a case of buyer’s remorse,” she said while conceding, “I just think he didn’t man up the way he should have in that situation.”

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If he said ‘It’s okay’ one more time
Even Galavis admitted that he used the phrase a lot, and it made the blooper reel at the end of the show, but Andi – who admitted that she’d pretended to be asleep in the Fantasy Suite to avoid having to talk to him – had a physical reaction to hearing Galavis say it. “Everything was ‘Eees okay’ and I remember saying I might strangle you if you say that again,” she admitted. When Galavis came out on stage and said it to her, she raised her hands as if she was going to wring his neck. Ay yi yi!

He wasn’t looking for a wife
“At the end of the day I took this very seriously,” Galavis insisted, but the women weren’t convinced. “I think he was definitely here to find somebody,” Andi said. “I think his version of what he was trying to find was different from ours. I think he was trying to find a girlfriend, somebody he was going to date and figure out whether it could work afterwards, and I think we all came here to find a husband.”

So will Galavis end up proposing to Nikki or Clare on next week’s episode? Tune in to ABC on Monday (8 p.m. ET) to find out.

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