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The Bachelor's Chris Harrison: Emily's Confession 'Destroyed the House'

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Craig Sjodin/ABC(2)

Viewers who teared up over Emily Maynard’s heart-wrenching confession on The Bachelor Monday night were not alone.

Upon hearing the story of how she lost her fiancé, Ricky, in a plane crash days before discovering she was pregnant, the contestant’s costars dissolved into tears.

“We showed a little of the emotion … [on the show, but] it actually spilled over for hours,” host Chris Harrison told Ryan Seacrest Tuesday on his KIIS-FM radio show. “Literally the rest of the day girls were crying. It really just destroyed the house. These girls were torn apart by this story.”

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That’s not all: The emotions the story stirred up, says Harrison, “set the ball in motion” for Madison to leave during the rose ceremony.

Calling her the “sweetest, most humble human being you’ve ever met,” Harrison says her decision to leave was sincere.

“She realized, ‘Wow, I am not the same kind of person Emily is,’ ” he says. “‘I’m not here for the same reason Emily and Chantal are. I just need to pull myself out of this.’ It was so emotional and so devastating that … it essentially took her out of the show. I was [surprised].”

As for the man on the show, Harrison and Seacrest shared their opinions on Brad Womack, with Seacrest pointing out that “he’s not that hot because he’s too sweet.”

Harrison adds, though, “He’s a dude, too. He’s not this pretty boy. He’s worked in the oil fields.”

Harrison also reveals one reality show Womack almost certainly will not join: “I can’t imagine a scenario where that guy would ever do Dancing with the Stars. Even with those pecs, he’s not hot when he’s dancing.”

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