Tim Nudd
January 31, 2013 10:25 AM

She’s come a long way since Felicity.

That much was clear in the very first scene of The Americans on Wednesday night, as Keri Russell was shown in an extremely compromising position with a Department of Justice agent. Long gone is that sweet college girl from the ’90s.

In the new FX drama, Russell, 36, and Matthew Rhys play suburban parents who are actually KGB agents, living in the early-’80s Washington, D.C.

Their lives are complicated. The husband is growing fond of American culture, while Russell’s character is steadfastly devoted to the Soviet Union. An FBI agent just moved in down the road. And another KGB agent has defected, putting other agents in danger.

The gritty, suspenseful period piece has been getting good reviews. But did you watch on Wednesday? What did you think of it. Tell us below.

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