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The Amazing Race Finale: Tammy & Victor Bring Home the Win

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Robert Voets/CBS

The Amazing Race crowned brother and sister team Victor and Tammy Jih the winners of season 14 Sunday night. They crossed the finish line at a golf course in Hawaii, beating out mother-son team Margie and Luke (the Race’s first deaf contestant) and cheerleaders from Miami Jaime and Cara.

“I’m not wearing any pants!” Tammy said with a laugh as Race host Phil Keoghan told the brother-sister team they were the winners.

The last leg had all three teams neck and neck on the same flight from Beijing to Maui, where the race ended. The teams had to make their way to the beach and carry a 135 lb. pig to a luau to get their next clue. “It was very appropriate that the race ended with the pig challenge, Victor told PEOPLE Sunday at The Amazing Race finale viewing party in N.Y.C. “At the beginning of the Race, Tammy doubted herself when it came to physical strength issues. At the end we went through the same issues, but we were able to do it in a way that made things happen.” Though they didn’t win the million, Jaime and Cara were happy with what they have accomplished. “No one would believe that the two cheerleaders from Florida would be the first all-female team to finish the Race,” said Jaime. “I picked Cara because she gave me the absolute best chance to win, and I never doubted that at any step of the way.” “It’s a huge accomplishment, and we feel really proud,” added Cara.

Mother-and-son team Margie and Luke are equally proud of their accomplishment. Luke, a huge Race fan, signed, “It was the hardest thing I think I have done in my whole life. It was just awesome when we finished and did it.”

“This season really was a breakout season,” Keoghen said. “We have the ability to cast that other shows cannot. If you want to be on Idol, you have to be a good singer. If you are going to be on Biggest Loser, you have to be overweight, and if you want to be on one of those love shows like The Bachelor, you have to be looking for love. We don’t have who have much in common. We have rich, poor, black, white, tall – we have this diversity that lends it self to the potential for magic, and I think that this cast gave us some magic.”

So what are Tammy and Victor going to do with their million-dollar prize? “I paid for my law school education and student loans, said Tammy. “As soon as I get that check from CBS I’ll be good to go!” Added Victor with a smile, “I’m also pretty sure my mom said that if we want, she would take some, too.” –Liz Berman

Tell us: Were you rooting for Tammy and Victor to win?

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Robert Voets/CBS