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The Amazing Race: Czech Points

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The final four teams zoomed around Prague on Sunday for the penultimate leg of The Amazing Race, which had plenty of bickering, (more) villainy by the brothers, an impressive comeback and the fall of fan-favorites. A few more travel tips were established, including the most important Race rule (besides “Don’t lose your passport”). –Carrie Bell

Get Hooked on Mnemonics: Leading the pack, All-Americans Meghan and Cheyne arrived first at the Ekotechnicke Museum, where teams searched a room of ringing phones for five with a voice on the other end that revealed a letter. Meghan repeated the letters and assigned each one an animal whose name began with the same letter. It took her only two tries to unscramble Kafka’s first name, Franz, for the bureaucrats holding the next clue. Other teams didn’t do as well, but Brian (a.k.a. Mr. America) wisely wrote down all possible permutations and handed in the one that made the most sense. This allowed him to surpass a highly frustrated Big Easy even after the teetotaler got tipsy at the absinthe-making speed bump.

Only Dish What You Can Take: As the All-Americans left the roadblock, brothers Dan and Sam pulled up. Just as the first team was going to take the second team’s taxi to the next location, the brothers demanded that the driver refuse them a ride — even though they did the same thing last week to Brian and Ericka. The brothers’ double standards continued when Dan and Big Easy decided to work together to solve the word jumble. The Globetrotter showed Dan his work and dictated his guesses, albeit wrong, as he turned them in. But when Dan deciphered the clue correctly, he went back on the deal and only revealed the first correct letter.

Brave the Elements, Drunks and Gods: Spending two minutes in the Kryocentrum’s below-freezing cryo-therapy chamber in nothing but skivvies gave Cheyne another opportunity to show off his abs and Ericka to complain. Next up teams could either walk 30 glasses of beer from the brewery through crowded streets to a pub full of rowdy soccer fans or make a golem and lug the unwieldy mythical clay-and-wood creature to the old Jewish quarter to get approval from a rabbi. Delivering beer was difficult as drunk locals heckled and hoped for free pints from Mr. and Miss America, while other teams struggled with their grueling task and took it out on each other. The brothers were particularly out of control — and were lucky the rabbi accepted their broken-armed guardian.

Never Take a Penalty: After racing strong up until this point, the Globetrotters made a fatal error when they left their fate up to chance and the ability of the competition by choosing a four-hour penalty instead of completing the Kafka task. Flight Time proved once again to be a class act by never giving up and not placing blame even though Big probably could have turned in every single possible answer in less time. No one faltered enough to save them and they were Philiminated on Strelecky Ostrov Island.

Tell us: What did you think about Big Easy’s decision to take the penalty? What about Dan’s decision not to help him with the word puzzle? Who will win The Amazing Race?CBS