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The Amazing Race: Advice From Arabia

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Seven teams scurried around Dubai for a second day for an episode filled with panic, debilitating heat, secret codes, math, gold, hookahs, an enormous waterslide and five more travel rules for the Amazing Race road. –Carrie Bell

1. Row, row, row your boat … by whatever means necessary: Thanks to last week’s fast forward, the All-Americans had more than an hour head start to take a briefcase to the Dubai Creek Yacht Club. Once there, one member had to paddle out to an anchored boat, greet a sheik, take the Rolex he offered as a traditional hospitality gift and return to the dock in your dinghy. Cheyne seemed to be frozen at times thanks to the wind. Brian steered so hard that his hands were bleeding. Big Easy barely fit so he used his arms and wasn’t concerned with his underwear flashing. Gary flipped onto his stomach and maneuvered the boat like a canoe.

2. Don’t over-think: The watches were stopped at 8:35 and the teams used those three numbers to crack the cases’ codes and retrieve their next clue — except for Big Easy, who was trying to use the eight, the seven and the date, which he couldn’t see. He remained calm but set on using that combination. He even tried to forcefully pry it open before rethinking. Unfortunately, every other duo was long gone by then.

3. Pack a calculator: One detour option required players to find a jewelry store and use a scale and the constantly changing exchange rate to compile $500,000 worth of gold. Mr. & Miss America tried that task until the inability to do long division by hand forced them to the other detour. The gay brothers, who had the forethought to pick up a calculator at Wal-Mart before departure, were still having trouble until their allies, the poker players, showed up and had the nerve to ask to borrow their gadget. In this situation, the fact that they didn’t have the nerve to say no, actually helped them because the women were, as they constantly like to remind viewers, good with numbers and money.

4. Pay attention to detail: In the other detour challenge, contestants had to empty a shipping crate full of pipe parts and assemble 12 hookahs and get the approval of a salesman. There was a display of finished products to help them complete the job correctly but Miss America assumed that 12 working hookahs in any combination of parts would be good enough even after the guy didn’t accept their first few attempts. A frustrated Meghan found out when they didn’t use a couple of washers. Gary and Matt, who was sidelined momentarily by the heat, had to search their packing materials multiple times to find a missing pin.

5. There’s nothing to fear except fear itself: And the Atlantis Resort’s six-story Leap of Faith waterslide through a shark tank! Most teams have at least one member afraid of heights or water, but they hurled themselves down the near-vertical drop to avoid being Philiminated at the pit stop on Dolphin Bay Beach. The All-Americans arrived first. The celibate country couple was headed for a meltdown as Mika (in the cutest floaties ever!) had severe issues with water and heights. Canaan tried everything to get her through the double whammy — hand-holding, pleading, pushing, rationalizing and guilt. When the Globetrotters showed up to take the plunge, the team ahead of them had two minutes until they had to forfeit the position and Big Easy used the time to discourage and scare Mika more, which Canaan labeled “a piece-of-crap” move. She never went down the tube, which allowed the Globetrotters a dramatic comeback. Flight Time summarized, “It was the last-second shot. We’ll do whatever we have to do to stay in the Race.”

Tell us: Should Canaan have pushed Mika? Would you have taunted Mika? Are you glad the Globetrotters are still in it or were you crossing your fingers for the country singers?

Monty Brinton/CBS