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The Amazing Race 12: ‘A Nail-Biter’

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Photo: CBS

The executive producer of Emmy-winning reality series The Amazing Race calls the show 12th season, which premieres Sunday on CBS (8 p.m. ET), one of the most exciting in the series’ history. The reason? The non-elimination rounds have been deleted from the show and this season was designed to give all the 11 teams, young and older, a real shot at winning.

“The Race should be able to be won by someone who is 58-years-old or 69-years-old,” Race co-creator and producer Bertram van Munster says. “If you’re in physical shape and you’ve got good mental shape, anybody can win this Race.”

The elimination of the non-elimination rounds, van Muster adds, will add to the tension and drama of the new season, with contestants having to worry every week about someone leaving the competition.

Among the 11 teams competing this season, which will cover 30,000 miles in 21 days: Kynt and Vyxsin, a dating Goth couple; Kate and Pat, married lesbian ministers; Nicolas and Donald, a grandson/grandfather duo; and Shana and Jennifer, best buds, one of whom (Shana) used to date Ryan Seacrest.

Any early predictions on who might walk away with the big money this time around? –Kimberly Potts

Photo: CBS