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Tara’s Biggest Loser Blog: Why a High-Calorie Day Is Okay

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Courtesy Tara Costa

You’ve asked — and I am answering the question that I find most relevant to this week’s episode of The Biggest Loser! Tiffany wanted to know about weigh-in days and “free day.” First of all, there is no set day that we weigh in — it all depends on the production schedule. The day that we do weigh in we are allowed to have a limited, high-calorie day with food of our choosing (that’s how it worked on my season). Now, contestants are still allowed a higher calorie day, but with foods that are already in the house. That’s why I feel what Koli did was not too big of a deal.

This week’s episode began with a temptation. The contestants had an entire day to eat as many calories as they wanted. Whoever ate the most would be the one and only deciding vote at the weigh-in this week. From the start, Koli knew that he was going to eat. He committed to making sure that Sam did not go home and ate over 4,500 calories and won the temptation. People may ask, “How could he do such a thing?” Well, even though he had all those calories on that one day, he still had the highest percentage of weight loss. Which demonstrated a very good point: It is okay to have one high-calorie day, but you better make sure you do what Koli did after that and work your freaking butt off!

The challenge looked really fun this week. Everyone had to build a platform to get to a ladder, which they climbed to reach a flag. The first to reach it won a one-pound advantage at the weigh-in. But last place got a one-pound disadvantage. Did you see Michael‘s odd contraption? I thought he was going to actually win this one with all his talk about being in construction! But Daris edged out Sam to win his first challenge of the season. Daris started as a quiet guy but now he is really starting to come out of his shell. He even said he felt like he deserved the win. This is a common trend on the Ranch. The contestants are getting used to being fit in their new bodies and that builds confidence. You can see it in almost everyone in the house.

And then the poop hit the fan! During the challenge, O’Neal fell and re-injured his knee. I thought, “Oh man, he’s screwed.” Getting injured at this point of the game makes it very hard. I thought for sure that was his ticket home. But that was only the beginning of O’Neal’s tough week. He also found out that his oldest brother had passed away from cancer. O’Neal was now in great physical and emotional pain. The odds really seemed to be stacked against him. But like we have seen before, O’Neal kicked butt and fought through the pain. He left excuses at the door and did it for himself and his brother. This was truly incredible to see.

The weigh-in sure did have some surprises in it: Sunshine, who usually puts up great numbers, only lost a pound along with Victoria. Mike wasn’t happy with his five-pound loss either. Ashley felt that she could have lost more as well. When it all came down to it, Koli had to choose between Sunshine and Victoria. He didn’t feel that Victoria was giving her all, so he voted for her to go home. I also think Sam was interested in Victoria leaving because having two allies in the house is better than having one. Anyway, Victoria looked awesome and so did her mom! It’s good to see that they are doing so well at home.

My MVP this week goes to O’Neal — I know it’s probably not a big surprise! –Tara Costa

Tell us: What are your questions for Tara? Who would you pick as the week’s MVP?Courtesy Tara Costa