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March 10, 2010 12:00 AM

First off, I forgot my MVP award for last week … Oops! For last week I give it to Stephanie. Way to go girl!

A few of you asked about Jillian‘s perfect medium for women. I walked off the campus burning 5,000 to 6,000 calories a day and taking in 1,200 calories plus free greens. (A few things to remember: the smaller you are the more difficult it is to burn such a high caloric number, plus we were working out six to eight hours a day). I have more details about what I ate and still eat on my Web site ( and I highly suggest Jillian’s books. She is a wealth of information, so use it!

Last week, D.Kim asked me about daily motivation. All I can say is that I am like the rest of you — some days are easy, others are hard. There are certain things that I do to keep myself going. For example, I set up workout dates with my friends, keep a up-to-date list of why I want to stay healthy and I use “Just For Today” Post-Its (I can do anything for one day!).

Now on to the episode … O’Neal looked like he was going to flip out as Blue Team walked into the house. I think he realized that the smart thing would have been to get rid of Sunshine and split up the team. I am surprised Michael did not bring that up, considering how he set up the teams! Splitting up a team makes it harder for you to get voted off!

A full work week, I love it! I am very interested to see how all the contestants do! I actually think they will still do awesome, for a few reasons:

1. Their food will still be very clean. I personally feel food is 70 percent of weight loss and only 30 percent is working out.

2. They will be working at a food bank, which leads me to believe they will be moving around a lot (unless they’re on duty at the call center).

3. Sometimes your body needs downtime. This break could be really good for all of them.

4. It is also a change in routine for the contestants, which keeps the body guessing. It also mixes it up a but, so it is not as monotonous.

5. Even if the gym is closed, contestants still have the presidential mile to walk and the pool to swim in!

This week’s challenge brought back memories. Pulling a car killed, so I can only imagine what pulling a SEMI must have felt like! The reason why I feel this challenge was so difficult is because of the stopping and starting. It is so much easier once you have that momentum to keep going. Sunshine was definitely getting into this challenge and her competitive nature is coming out. Keep your eyes on her! Even though the Blue Team has more brawn than the Black Team, the Black Team did well. I was impressed! The Blue Team could have slaughtered them!

At the food bank, I was happy to see that Steve stopped by to visit the contestants. It is a good feeling to know that you can make a difference. My only concern with this is that sometimes when contestants realize that are watching, their attitudes change. For example, I didn’t know what a big deal it was going to be to get on The Biggest Loser — until I got home for my 30-day, at-home visit. When I went back to the Ranch, I found myself censoring my thoughts. Of course, it was short lived because I went on national TV to change. If I wasn’t true to myself, then who could I be true too?

I loved the conversation between Sherry and Cheryl! It is important to know that at any age you can do anything. Young or old, the story is the same. All contestants never thought we could do it by ourselves, which is why we end up on the Ranch. We all forgot that we had dreams, but at some point while on the Ranch you realize you need to fight for what you want.

MVP of the week is Sunshine! She was able to motivate her father when he was down, lead two men during a workout and is holding her own in male-dominated team! –Tara Costa

Tell us: Who would you give MVP to this week? Do you think it was smart that the Black Team sent home Cheryl? What are your questions for Tara?Trae Patton/NBC

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