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October 21, 2009 12:00 AM

Let me start by answering a few of your questions and responding to a few comments from last week’s blog!

In regard to team eliminations, like I said, “Let the games begin!” Because alliances and friendships formed on the Ranch are real, there will always be some drama. Some contestants do get too caught up in their teams because so many factors may cause you to go home. It’s a lot easier to hold accountable one teammate than juggle five others since, at this stage, your success is contingent upon everybody. During my season, if the Black team ever fell below the yellow line and I did not win immunity, I knew I would have been gone faster than you could say, “it’s with a heavy heart!” (I hate that line, by the way.) That’s why the Blue team kept someone (Tracey) on their team whom they all would be okay with voting off later.

A few of you asked about the weighing in process. Well, your official weigh-in is in the morning with producers and medical staff. You step on this huge metal box that is connected with a small cord to a five-inch digital screen at the other end. The screen faces the producers and staff so you can’t see your weight, which is captured by a video camera. Not knowing our weight, we were all sure the way we were brought up to the scale was suppose to create the most suspense for the viewers — and us!

As for this episode, when you start off the week with a challenge, you know it’s going to lead to something big, but this led to something HUGE … a visit home! The challenge itself could have had more suspense, but I bet it was very difficult to dig up those boxes. Rudy and Allen were definite assets to the Blue team in getting those huge boxes up. Once the prize was disclosed, I immediately saw this home visit as a Catch-22. While of course you want to see your family and friends, there is a certain safety on the Ranch that you don’t have at home, the old environment where you became the person who was large enough to be a contestant on the Biggest Loser.

At the Ranch, you are no longer that person because you are now in control and supported by others going through the same experience. So I think the Blue team made the right choice. The longer you are on the Ranch, the less you miss home. When you leave and go home for a short visit, you are actually more likely to get homesick and nothing could be worse than being homesick on the Ranch because thinking about home causes you to act irrationally, which then increases your chances of being sent home for good!

However, I could relate to all of the Black team contestants this week. Amanda‘s getting lost in the gym was me the first time I went home. Danny diligently writing down what he ate and making his kebabs is something that I still do. Shay going out to dinner and realizing that just because you changed doesn’t mean others around you have or want to — that happened to me, too. Dina having to take care of her son while working out made me see that everyone has responsibilities but if you want it bad enough, you find a way to get it done. And Daniel, finally figuring out that he needs to work on his relationships with loved ones for him to truly transform, was an amazing step for him to make this an everlasting change. –Tara Costa

Tell us: If you were on the Black Team, who would you have voted off and why? Trae Patton/NBC

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