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SYTYCD: Atlanta’s Heart and Soul

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Michael Williams/FOX

The So You Think You Can Dance auditions in the East and West have already set the bar almost out of reach for season 6, creating super high expectations for Atlanta’s talented dancers, who hit the stage on Tuesday’s episode.

Guest judge Lil C joined Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe on the panel in A-town, where a group of youngsters proved they were up to the challenge. Kicking things off was Bill Bell, who at 19 had only five years of experience, but showed enough potential with his contemporary audition to shine right through to Vegas.

Amber Jackson, 18, turned out to be another young talent, but despite her strength and beauty, she annoyed the panel with her lack of personality. She was given another chance in the choreography round, where she found just enough showmanship to make it through.

Jamal Jackson, 19, and Victor Smalley, 20, brought more amazing contemporary dancing, and got two more tickets to Vegas. But Jessica Jensen, 25, who lost her hand to a rare form of a cancer, brought the heart. Continuing to pursue her dream of dance, Jensen pulled off the moves and kept her balance. She moved the judges with her passion, strength and courage and made it to choreography, but sadly no further.

More heart came from Thomas Hamilton, 20, who was born into poverty by a drug addicted mother. He wanted nothing more than a chance to change his situation and make something of himself. Shining with a beautiful contemporary piece, and inspired by the show’s own Mia Michaels, he got a yes to Vegas and a shot at a new life.

Back from season 4, twin brothers Anthony and Antwain Hart, 22, were hoping this time around to make the cut together, but never imagined that when all was said and done, only Anthony would be the one riding that plane to Vegas.

As auditions wind down and cuts become more and more difficult, SYTYCD searches New Orleans for first time ever on Wednesday’s show — but with the competition at an all-time high, things are going to be anything but easy for Nola’s dancers. –Jed Dreben

Tell us: Who were your favorite dancers in Atlanta? Did the judges cut anyone you thought should go to Vegas?Michael Williams/FOX