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Susan Boyle Ducks the Dating Question

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Susan Boyle Fever continued Friday, with the Scottish singing sensation – modest as ever – appearing on NBC’s Today show but declining to answer the question on everybody’s mind: Has she found a boyfriend yet?

Last weekend, before she opened her mouth on the reality show Britain’s Got Talent and changed her life forever, the unemployed charity worker admitted on-camera that she was 47 “and never been kissed.”

With all the attention she has received ever since – her YouTube video, viewed 11 million times by Thursday afternoon, was up to 19 million views Friday – Boyle was asked by Today‘s Meredith Vieira if there have been male suitors beating a path to her door, trying to get her number.

Boyle let out a laugh, then responded, “No comment.”

And though Matt Lauer admitted he’s watched her video 12 or 14 times, Boyle, sitting in her humble home, said the reaction from every corner of the world still “hasn’t sunk in yet.”

What’s Ahead

Though she has taken the world by storm, Boyle’s victory on the British talent program for which she auditioned is not yet a done deal. Judge Simon Cowell, as captivated as everyone else by the unprepossessing Boyle, said that as far as the TV competition is concerned, “There are some acts that you haven’t seen yet, it’s not quite the one-horse race you are going to think this is.”

Speaking on Britain’s GMTV, Cowell, on whether he would represent Boyle should she win on his TV show, said, “It’s difficult to say at this stage, because I think we’ve got to treat it as it is, which is a competition.”

In the meantime, there are now reports that American TV watchers will have yet another chance to see Boyle – when Oprah Winfrey has her on her show.